Steps for Updating HP printer from HP website

• Ensure that your printer is connected to your broadband connection no matter it is wired or wireless network connection

• Visit the official website of HP products from your system and click the search icon to select your printer model

• Once you select your HP printer, you can download the required software for your printer model

• Download it for your printer and save it in your local drive

• Locate the file in your preferred location and double-click the file to open and install the firmware

• Check if your printer’s serial number is available in the HP printer update window, once you start the installation process

• If yes, choose the checkbox and select “update” option

• If not, then it seems that you are already using the updated version, just click the “cancel” button

• Once the update completes, click “ok” and you have updated your printer software

  Modified On Apr-01-2019 08:28:29 AM

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