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Knowband's Prestashop Voice Search Addon: Automate search and Typing on your Site

John Michael1063 26-Feb-2019

Knowband's Prestashop Voice Search Addon offers an intuitive way to automate search and typing on your store by adding voice recognition feature without making any source code changes.

Highlights of Knowband's Prestashop Voice Command Module?

1. Integrate voice-based search and typing using Prestashop Search By Voice Module. The voice commands are given through microphone.

2. Allow customers to insert data/information in the form fields just by using voice with Prestashop Voice Search Addon.

3. Enabling and disabling functionality of Prestashop Voice Recognition System module is easy to handle from back-office.

4. No source code changes or technicalities involved in the install and configuration of Prestashop Search By Voice Module by Knowband.

5. Voice instructions given by the user via microphone are processed and relevant results corresponding to their query are given using Prestashop Voice Recognition System.

6. Prestashop Voice Search module supports compatibility with web browsers like Chrome.

7. Prestashop Voice Recognition System work on SSL compatible sites.

8. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon works flawlessly with multiple languages and stores.

9. Voice searching and typing functionality can be separately enabled or disabled for desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

10. The voice command feature of Prestashop Vocal Search Addon can be enabled for the search bar of the website.

11. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon lets store merchant to enable voice-based typing on selected fields of registration forms, personal information form, address form, guest checkout form and contact us forms.

12. This Prestashop Voice Recognition System also offers a voice focus feature which captures the customer's voice even without clicking on the Microphone button at the search bar.

Prestashop Voice Search and Typing module user manual

Prestashop Voice Search admin demo

Prestashop Voice Search front demo

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