How to change an AOL account to a free AOL account

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If you wish to switch from the paid AOL version to a free one, then you must first understand a few basic things. The free services that are available through the AOL Desktop Gold platform can be easily accessed via The free web services include accessing AOL email account, the address book contacts and other related details and the features such as AOL search and AOL video. Opting to use the web services ensure that you are eligible to use the free AOL subscription without costing any penny. However, there are few services which don’t stand entitled to use. There is an easy way of switching to a free AOL account and access the available services. This blog shares the information for you to make the changes manually. In case you require technical help, then feel free to have a word with the technical experts at aol email tech support number.

Changing to the free AOL plan would take away the services of using the McAfee security software benefits. The best and the easy way to switch to the free services are discussed below:

• Open AOL software and then click on ‘My Account.’

• Enter your username and password in the required fields

• Click on the Sign-in icon.

• Answer the ‘Account Security Question’ that follows and then further click on ‘Continue.’

• Move to the ‘Service’ section and search for ‘Manage my subscription.’

• Click on it, and then navigate to the ‘Cancel Billing’ link. This link will be just below the ‘AOL Subscription Information.’

• Take a closer look at the configuration page and read what it has to offer.

• Now from the drop-down menu, select a reason for cancellation. This is a valid and mandatory point which you cannot skip. You have to give a reason for cancellation.

• Once through with the above steps, click on ‘Cancel My Billing.’

• This will ensure that your AOL account subscription is canceled.

Once you have switched to the free version, you can continue using the web services. But what if you are unable to cancel your paid subscription? In this kind of dilemma, you must reach out to the technical experts at aol email customer care. They help you with the expert opinion and ensure that you can fix any predicament you are facing without any error. The support service is available 24*7 and can be accessed via a toll-free number.

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