Capture Those Amazing Pregnancy Moments With Those Amazing Clicks

Pregnancy is a time where some out of the blue memories are expected. With the aid of a pregnancy photo album you can capture those amazing clicks which is itself a moment to remember. In the days to come this photo gallery would serve as a timely reminder of those golden moments that you faced during the course of pregnancy. Some of the common nostalgia moments are in the form below.

The first maternity outfit

Finally the big day might have arrived. You could say that the belly has given way finally. The dang pants click uncomfortably on to your waist as if a feeling arrives that you are falling out from your shirts. With some stretch waist pants you are going to feel a lot better with a shirt that suits your body. The most interesting piece of news is that you are on a shopping sphere

The first time when a stranger notices your developing belly

Already you might be pregnant for weeks or months and this fact can be gauged by your expanding waistline. This could also mean that you might be overindulging or gestating. On one fine morning you might wake up and have a feeling that I popped. The strange part is that someone might walk up to you and ask when you due are. Do enjoy the attention but do not allow anyone to touch your growing belly. The reason being that it is not cool and if someone asks you in a polite manner you can allow them to touch your belly. Some women do allow their near and dear ones to touch their pregnant belly though it is dependent on how they are going to feel at that point of time.

Brain moment during pregnancy

Some feeling of pregnancy is definitely there which might put your brain into pudding. A general feeling that you might be hearing is that it gets better after you give birth, but these sleepless nights could be a definite cause of short circuit for a few days. With hormones being on the overdrive mode you might undertake a lot of things that might not be the normal norm. Just laugh it off and carry on with your life.

First contraction

For quite a considerable amount of time you might be dealing with Braxton Hicks or false contractions, but trust me one day the real one is going to happen and it is going to be an unmistakable one. The key is to go with the flow and relax. Whatever degree of planning you are going to undertake would serve no purpose. But the better news is that the baby is almost there.

First push

Finally things would have gone on to become a lot real. Dig deep, have focus on your breath as you need to have a sense of confidence in your own abilities. In fact you are going to feel stronger than ever you might have imagined at any point of time.

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