We are in such a state of the society where a single day without internet is simply unimaginable. With a lot of connectivity options now a day, social media is one of the best tools to gather a lot of mass and convey the message. In this world of changing digital marketing process, it is indeed important to understand the best ways to reach a lot of audience.

Now, social media has become one of the best and also affordable platforms for digital marketing. These help in increasing the customer base for any of the business. Now a day, any famous brand has a social media presence. The different social platforms starting from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram have witnessed the business grow and build a good empire with a solid customer base.

As digital marketing facet is changing, there are numerous tools that help to understand the customer base from social media. These tools are very much helpful to know how much traffic you have from these social media. Some of the awesome tools are discussed here.

#1. SocialDrift

This tool can be regarded as the best friend for Instagram Marketers. This is one of those that help in counting the organic followers in these pages. SocialDrift uses machine learning process to find out the number of comments, likes and shares from the organic followers. Organic followers are those who deliberately follow all the posts and updates of the brand on also on a regular basis.

It can also dramatically engage more followers by simply adding a feature of Instagram Bot. It is also known as Securebot.

#2. Buffer

This one is the superior one. This tool has the power to manage all the social media platforms for any brand. Buffer is a tool that works for several third-party extensions. It also line-up with regular social media activities and gives update about how customer base is improved. Buffer also informs if any of the customer gets inactive for long. So, it is very much helpful to understand how the customer base increases or decreases with this amazing tool.

It can be said that Buffer is the best tool to utilize the customer base to know the other form of utilization in the social media. This tool also has some other features like photo editing, group collaboration system, detailed data etc.

#3. Sendible

Sendible is a tool for you if you are the one who manages a team in social media. If you are platforms are connected to each other and you need to manage the same, this one is a must in your list. The speciality of Sendible is that it has unique boxes for each and every brand. Here, the communication is streamlined with accessibility to many of the members. A proper communication is done with the access and it can be said that the customer base is well maintained here.

It also has unique themes that can suggest you a better handling of the social media page. Here, the teamwork becomes the USP and the customer base is also realized in a proper manner.

#4. AugoraPulse

Social media is indeed a great place for inbound leads. According to reports of 2013 State of Inbound Marketing ‘Social media delivers 54% of the inbound leads in the marketing than any other tradition forms’

You can choose Augorapulse to understand how inbound leads are affecting the marketing process of your company. This is because when you choose this, you can report every view with all the details. This is similar to Google analytics in case of social media. So, when you choose it, you get every single report from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook directly in the dashboard. The amazing part of this tool is you can directly schedule content here. So, whenever you are even not active, the tool remains active for you and publishes the content accordingly. 

#5. MavSocial

This is one of the tools that checks how much customer base is created due to the graphics and other visual content in social media. This also has features for engagement analytics, collaboration, galleries and other images. They have different plans and option for checking the customer base tool, at that time you can choose the one you think is comfortable.

Therefore, when you choose Mavsocial, you no longer have to think that whether this will work out or not.

#6. Socialoomph

This is a social management application that has different rich features. This will help you to boost your brand awareness quickly. This is one of such tools that help in boosting the productivity in social media. This is also one of those tools that help you to schedule your posts and then find out which post is mostly liked by the customers. This tool is one of that helps you to find out the effective customers for each and every post.

Therefore, when this tool is chosen, the authentication of the report is a guarantee. Ruby Johanssen, a Sr. Social Media Professional at Assignment help and EssayAssignmentHelp has shown reports that how they have improved customers that help in their assignment help service.

#7. CrowdBooster.com

This is a tool that helps in finding out the exact report of the customer base in social media. It will show the update of the report periodically and systematically. The number of likes, retweets, replies and other ways to understand the customers’ engagement are also ensured here.

Every marketer should know about these amazing tools that are indeed very much helpful to create a sound customer base via social media. 

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