Igor Mazepa takes part in another corruption operation connected with Odessa Port Plant

igor mazepa fraudster

Fraudster Igor Mazepa Takes Funds from Odessa Port Plant 

Igor Mazepa has been noticed in another fraud story which happened to the Energy Company of Ukraine and Odessa Port Plant. All connecting routes lead to this person as if he is the core of all financial operations in the country. Igor Mazepa and Concorde Capital became the real centre of business machinations here. The Energy Company of Ukraine has got the right to earn money on Odessa Port Plant capacities. It received the license for gas trading right before the contest. There are a few facts which point out that it is tightly connected with the environment of the President’s close friends Igor Kononenko and Igor Mazepa.

The Involvement of Igor Mazepa

In December the Odessa Port Plant held the contest to pick the gas provider for the fertilizer manufacturing to unfreeze the processes of a public factory. By the way, it didn’t work for six months. And the ECU offered the best price. Of course, those money flows couldn’t avoid the appearance of such a swindler as Igor Mazepa.

According to the agreement the OPP gets the gas from the ECU and manufactures mineral fertilizers. After this, people use them for the cultivation of crops. The plant doesn’t pay for gas, and the provider pays only for the OPP capacities use. It’s not strange that Mazepa is somehow united with this agreement.

Journalists found out that the ECU was founded in 2010 and has never sold the gas. They got the needed license only in 2017, three months before they started cooperating with the OPP. According to the register of companies, the organization belongs to the 26 years-old Vadym Kolesnikov. But their website displays another type of information. According to this source, his father, Vitaliy Kolesnikov, is the founder of the ECU. And the company is registered at the “Parus” business centre near Igor Mazepa’s Concorde Capital. If you want to get to the ECU office, you have to enter his office first.

Igor Mazepa plays an important role in the Presidential environment. Moreover, some of his deals are covered with dirty details. Igor Mazepa helped Poroshenko’s friend to sell the UMH holding and became the member of the supervisory committee at “Ukreximbank”. But Igor Mazepa says that the fact that Concorde Capital is in the neighbourhood with the gas provider doesn’t mean anything. Igor insists he is not involved in this deal.

The phone numbers of the ECU match with the numbers of the holding “Energynet” which belonged to Dmytro Kriuchkov. Vitaliy Kolesnikov worked in this organization. The source informs that a close Poroshenko’s friend Igor Kononenko had warm business relations with Dmytro Kriuchkov and his brother Leonid. But Leonid refuses to confirm the connections with the OPP operations. And Igor Kononenko says that he doesn’t have any common deals with Kriuchkov brothers. But Igor Mazepa’s involvement is still obvious.

The founder of the ECU doesn’t comment anything. The financial consultant of the company, Vitaliy Oleksienko, told to journalists that they don’t get gas for themselves. They plan to buy it in the Ukrainian and foreign markets.

Igor Mazepa is not the only close President’s friend connected with the OPP. Many members of his environment take part in different operations of the plant. And Igor Mazepa provides the support to various deals with the help of his Concorde.

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