“Is Virtual Reality the next big trend” has remained a question for everyone aware of the technological development in the past few years. Keeping past references in the mind, the answer comes as an obvious YES! And, we sincerely believe Virtual Reality is the hottest trend in the technology domain. The technology has not only remained a popular one but also it has benefitted gaming and app industry alike.

The Future of VR is Here: The Predictions That Matter

Virtual Reality is drawing millions of dollars in investment and is on pace to become the most promising technology in gaming by 2020. While there are a number of predictions for the future of Virtual Reality, here is the compiled list of the most promising predictions that are sure to come along with VR.  

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Virtual Reality Will Grow As An Expensive Technology 

An obvious notion to predict about Virtual Reality in the gaming industry. With the $600 price for the Oculus Rift, it is estimated that the technology is going to be costly for the average users. Virtual reality is just budding and is expected to grow much prominently in the times to come. However, the gaming industry will continue to gain major insights from this exceptional technology. The very first introduction of Virtual Reality that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg shared with the world seemed to be creepy for a number of the global audiences but who could have imagined the potential of this technique to such an extent.  

Users Won’t Play VR Games For Longer 

Playing the games having your headsets on for a longer period of time is not possible for the users meaning they won’t play games for a longer period of time. Users may experience dizziness while playing the games for longer, which is another reason to prove the fact. And, if players won’t play the games with utmost comfort, their attention span will surely decrease towards the Virtual Reality specific games. This may become a reason for the decrease in the popularity of VR games in the future.  

VR is Believed To Become Popular Outside The Home 

According to reports in LA Times, Virtual Rides are coming to theme parks in the city. An exciting news for sure! This brings the goodness of VR outside the homes. The Virtual Reality techniques will be used to add glamour to the rides that are otherwise not so much popular among the users. Getting a VR addition to their roller coasters will surely make the ride very much exciting for the users. And, that will also bring up the excitement in the minds of the users prior to taking the rides.  

VR Headsets Will Be Short-Lived 

While the charm of VR integrated games is on a high right now, it is not going to stay here for long. While in upcoming years, customers will spend huge dollars pre-ordering their VR headsets, the fad for the same will decrease simultaneously in the upcoming years. The reason being Virtual Reality headsets may bring innovation to the horror games but watching such games continuously for long hours is not technically possible. This may bring the popularity of the VR sets down in the upcoming future.  

Virtual Reality Will Become Prominent in Educational Sector 

The day is not far away when we will have Oculus Rift for getting the learnings. Thus, Virtual Reality will become prominent in getting the teaching and learning. It may take a while for this technique to become common in the educational sector but it is sure to go place once introduced. Virtual Reality headsets could be used to pass on important information and users may also use the same for viewing their favorite web series in the same.  

The Upshot 

The future of Virtual Reality is going to be much more prominent than it is today. The technique is truly exceptional for a number of reasons and will grow prominently in the upcoming years. Well, the future cannot be predicted at such an early stage but it is sure to bring insightful changes in the years to come.  

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