So after the iconic release of so many mind blogging products google has come up with Google pay which is an online payment service application.

Google pay

"Pali Bhat" who is a VP of product management stated that Google has submerged android pay and google wallet with Google pay to enhance the experiences of users while the user is making a transaction.  

It will definitely reduce the time spent while trying to go to different payment apps which are powered by Google.

Google Corporation worked for almost a year to rectify and refine it by providing a simpler, faster and consistent mode of online payment for its users.

What’s special?

This product by Google will make it easier for users to retain the payment information on their Google account which will help them in having quick transaction next time.

Google pay

By using Google pay they will not have to provide their card detail every time they are going to perform a transaction. Google pay option will be very soon come on all online store and things will get more sorted up while having financial transaction and not only on online store but also users will have an option of paying with google pay while paying their friends whoever in their list.

Google pay

Well, if you are a bit impatient and eager to use it then you can lead to Airbnb, Dice, and Fandango, HungrHouse, and Instacart as they have started providing Google pay systems.

Invitation for developers

Google has openly invited developers from all across the world to implement Google pay option on their website. Even developers have also been given an option to work with Google Processes partners to make the Google pay system much simpler and easy.

What about Google Tez?

Well, no doubt that Indian users are simply loving the Tez application as it is one among the fastest application for a financial transaction.

Google pay

Apart from the simple way of transaction Tez is filled with surprises as every time you make a transaction with someone with a decent amount you get a scratch card in which you get rewards in cash format which goes directly to your registered bank account.

Google has clearly stated that Tez users don’t need to worry as Google will frequently add up google pay features with Tez.

Not only Google’s Tez similar application Pay with Google which was launched last year in the mid of October will also get branding of Google pay which will make things easier.

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