If we go a few years back we will found that earning with blogging was just a joke unless and until you are a public figure. But now there are so many options for earning in blogging that an individual can make enough for his living.
Make money blogging
There are so many ways by which an individual can make his living through blogging. Well, if we look some stats we will found that there are more than 100 million active bloggers available in this world. But to make living from you must keep in mind few things which are mentioned below:
An individual needs to have patience initially while blogging as he can’t earn handsome amount of money like top professional blogger overnight. These things take the time it could take a month or year or maybe more. At starting one should not think of money much all you need to do is putting your 100% effort and speak your heart out. Make your targets for a particular period of time like 3 months and try to make connections and increase the number of visitors and reader on your blogging portal.
Uniqueness is the first step to success
Write on things you are totally comfortable with it can be anything regarding gadgets, finance, technology, travel tourism, philosophy, your personal experiences there are many if you look out.
Make money blogging
But be true about each and every word you write in a blog. There will be a competitor in every stream and that too in numerous number. Try to be unique in your own pattern and keep trying a different way of presenting your blog to your readers.
Blog for a renowned company
If its money which matters to you then you can employ yourself in a company and write blogs for them. It’s the simplest way to make living through your blogs. Companies hire bloggers to for their company to increase their website engagement and to provide readers fresh topics. For this, they pay a good amount of money which is enough to make living through blogs.
Make multiple revenue generating fields
If you are blogging for a while and you are finding it hard to earn money you must create multiple revenue generation streams such as
• Putting advertisement on your blogging website
• Promoting products of companies
• By selling digital products
• By selling physical products
• Offering an online course
• Affiliate marketing and by selling services
Make money bloggingEnjoy your blogging  
Top bloggers don’t run after the money they just enjoy on sharing things they rule with. Well, it’s very obvious as its human nature to think of money while working. But one needs to keep that thought out of his mind as it can ruin his entire focus on blogging. Just try to post out genuine, meaningful and fresh things and eventually you will see your graph is raising which will prosperous you with enough amount of money. Just enjoy your blogging money will come along.
Find different ways to monetize your blog
At a time when you see you are at a comfortable stage in your blogging career and you find your blog has a large number of visitors and readers. Try different ways to monetize your blog like adding your blog to Google AdSense, display ads. It will lead to generating handsome amount of money.

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