There are many myths and misconceptions about many things similar to a case of blogging. Well, the world is populated anyone one can come up saying or writing about things. Misconceptions and myths are genuine it arises in everything which is trendy. Mentioned below are some misconceptions and myths about blogging.

Myths and misconception about blog

Blogging is simple

It’s one of the biggest misconceptions that blogging is not a complex task. But the truth is while preparing the content for the blog it requires a lot of research, learning and writing skills to attract and inform a reader. For preparing a blog sometime it takes hours and sometimes it takes a week also.

A blogger should post every day

It’s really not necessary that a blogger should post every day as blogging really require a lot of effort and sometimes it’s genuinely not possible to post as I mentioned earlier also it’s not that simple. But a blogger should be posting blogs within a particular period of time so that his readers are satisfied.

Blog should be in the limit of 500 words

Short content is liked by the reader and have chances of getting more views than a lengthier content it can be accepted but not most of the time. Content should be meaningful and informative that’s what is demanded, word limit doesn’t really matter. A blog posted by a blogger must engage with readers.

Blogging needs professional degree

One doesn’t need a scholar degree in any particular language to write blogs as there are many youngsters who own a personal blog and post blog which are related to real life experiences, hobbies and things they life. Blogging needs proper command over the topic the blog is all about.

Many think it’s a fad

Blogging isn’t a craze it has been for years or you can say this practice is going on for decades. A study has found the companies which use to have blogs posting at a consistent rate generate more leads than other companies who avoid blogging.

Bloggers are money minded

Blogger post just for marketing by which they can earn money. There are two things for this particular statement nothing is wrong if someone is earning money by his blogging skills even though if they are marketing. There are celebrities, public figures, travelers and many more sound personalities who post blogs for their followers just to share their experiences and lifestyle.

Bloggers get success overnight

Last but not the least and the answer is again a big no. However, it’s not impossible that a blogger can’t get overnight success but it generally happens in 1 out 100 cases which means in a minor case. Although, blogging requires effort approach truthfulness command over a topic and many more things and patience as visitors and viewers also take time to increase.

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