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Why GPS Can Help Improve a Transportation Company’s Efficiency

The transportation industry grows with every new small business offering shipping. It grows with every quarter as more people buy online. Even if your business doesn’t deal directly with consumers, goods, and raw materials must be shipped from location to location for businesses to operate.

In short, your transportation company is the veins of the United States, and only when these veins pump goods efficiently can the country (and your business) profit.

What are the Benefits of GPS?

GPS for your transportation business means more than having SAT NAV set up for your driver to find where they are going. It involves using telematics vehicle tracking so that your headquarters can keep track of your vehicles and their status at all times. By choosing a great company and software to install in your vehicles, you can benefit from user-friendly solutions and powerful data collection.

It, in turn, will improve many areas of your business, with these six benefits taking center stage.

Helps You Keep Up to Date With Deliveries

As you have a fix on the locations of each vehicle, you can keep up to date with delivery times. It means you can offer live updates or text updates on delivery time to your clients or customers.

Helps You Monitor the Health and Safety of Your Drivers

There are very strict rules when it comes to the number of hours that your drivers can legally work for on the road. As you can monitor where they are, you can map out which motels or hotels you are willing to pay for while they take their sleeper break. If there is an issue, like an accident that has caused excessive traffic delay, then you can change the reservation and find a new place for your drivers to rest at during their mandated 10-hour break.

Helps You Know Where to Go In Case of a Break Down

If your driver breaks down due to an unforeseen issue that did not show up on the morning inspection, you will have the benefit of knowing their precise location and can, therefore, send a vehicle to their location without any fuss.

Improved Transparency with Customers

Improving transparency with your customers is critical for great service. With this GPS tracking software, you can give them updates and even show them live road conditions so that they can plan accordingly and know when to expect their shipment to be due.

Monitor Progress and Adapt Accordingly

As this system collects data and feeds it back to your headquarters, you can analyze it and work out better routes. Google Maps and other mapping systems only show the most direct way. Better ones redirect based on traffic, but their routes are not always applicable for transportation vehicles. With the data you have collected, you can work out the most efficient route for the future.

Help Reroute In Case of Traffic Jams

GPS can be used to improve your business’ efficiency significantly. It can also be used to improve the health, wellness, and safety of both your employees and those who share the road with your drivers. By investing in telematic tech, you can improve many different aspects of your company all at once.

Last updated:7/30/2019 10:39:03 AM


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