Want To Reduce Bounce Rate? Make Your Content Interactive!!!

Every day, concerned internet marketers research ways to cut down their website’s high bounce rate, but unfortunately, many of them still haven’t found out just how.

Like you, I went on a merry-go-round search for the right tricks to use for reducing my site’s bounce rate. And after a tedious time, I finally found out some things. Here I will be sharing with you just how you can also pull off the same trick with your website. 

1. Improve Your Site Readability

You will not willing to listen to this, but trust me, your site’s content probably looks crappy on the reader’s eyes.

I am sure you aren’t writing for yourself that means you are writing to get a reader to take action. So if you value my surety, please try hard – really hard – to make your post scannable and skimmable for your reader’s sake.

People don’t like to read not well-formatted long posts. The average internet user wants to scan through a post. They don’t want to read a lot of jumbled text. So, in your best interest, be sure to format your content the way your readers would want it.

For me, I make sure to keep my sentences and paragraphs short – up to four (4) lines per paragraphs is generally GOOD.

Also part of maintaining my website’s content readability is in knowing how to keep my newly learned vocabularies to myself.

Here are tools that would help to improve your writing:

1.    Grammarly

2.    Ginger

3.    Hemingwayapp

Learn to communicate in a simple and easily understood way, and you will never have to worry about getting a high bounce rate. 

2. Use Infographics that Are Creative and Eye-Catching

Infographics are an excellent components to get visual, and engage your audience in real-time.

What are infographics?

An infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram that is used to represent information or data.

According to Google, “A good infographic is worth a thousand words.”

Look at the top sites you read every day; why do you read them?

It’s possibly because they are engaging, and they share all kinds of different content, from standard text content, to podcasts, to videos, and also, to infographic content.

Best Infographic Designs

Infographics are a combination of short texts backed up with relevant images to express a thought or an idea that a reader can quickly relate to. They are quick and to the point in comparison to long blog posts like this one.

Amazingly, over 80% of internet marketers make use of infographics as an interactive way of reaching their audience and getting them to take desired actions. This means that your chances of getting a useful result from this technique are quite slim.

However, you will quickly turn this fact around if you’re able to tell a great story and get readers engaged.

The good thing is that if you do this the right way, you can be sure to say goodbye to a high bounce rate. 

3. Start a Mini- TV

An “Internet - TV” simply means recording your own teaching, informative, and inspiring videos for your fans on YouTube.

If you are honestly worried about high bounce rate of your site, and you are dedicated and serious about solving it, I’d advise that you start giving out tremendous value to your audience by recording a video tutorial to explain them a thing or two.

This way, you will improve your blog’s visibility which will get your audience to stay on your blog for a longer time as they consume the great stuff you publish.

This also has a hidden benefit: As you improve your blog’s bounce rate, you also get a chance at making more money online by showing ads.

Now, recording a video doesn’t have to be hard. It only requires your smartphone’s camera and your ability to share your knowledge in a simple, clear, and understandable way. Just make sure your videos are very interactive and will help your viewers be even better at what about you are educating. 

4. Make It Easy For Your Readers to Share Your Content

The users on the Internet, especially those are frequent on Twitter, likes to share content on the web.

I know this because I personally also vest a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook reading tweets and statuses. And once I rest onto a post that gets me excited or one that encourages me from a state of boredom, I don’t hesitate to hit the share or retweet button.

People will share your stuff if it’s interesting, but you’ve got to provide them an easy way to do that.

Fortunately, there are tons of plugins available on the WordPress plugin directory that you can quickly leverage to help you achieve this.

In the past, I used Co-Schedule, and now, I use the Social Warfare plugin. It allows me easy embedding quotable quotes within the content, which makes it incredibly easy for my readers to help share my content with their friends on Twitter.

If you do this well, you will also get a chance at growing your Twitter following, becoming a celebrity marketer, and getting even more blog readers to come and consume your well-cooked content. 

5. Use Expressive Images to Aid Your Content

As it is said- “A picture speaks a thousand words.”

If you want to make your blog audience to stick around, consume your articles, and of course, decrease your blog’s bounce rate, you have to consider using a lot of striking images in order to aid your blog’s text.

Check some of the top blogs in your category, you’ll notice that they generally use lots of interactive images and screenshots that further explain the ideas in which they are trying to communicate to their audience.

To also get the same result, you will have to either create or go in search of some expressive images to help your content shine in the blog-o-sphere.

Taking these steps, will definitely bring your website’s bounce rate way, way down. 

6. Write Longer and Informative Content

Google loves long posts. In fact, this is one of the most correlated metrics in deciding how helpful and useful the content is (i.e. getting ranked higher).

Long form contents

Blog posts, aided with quality images, videos, and quizzes, help them build a loyal following of people who end up paying to have a copy of their books or video tutorials.

Long posts, though, don’t work for everyone. But trying it a few times on your blog wouldn’t be a bad idea. In fact, if you make it highly informative, educating, and entertaining, you can be sure to become an authority in your niche.

But remember: Make it informative!

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