How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post?

With an increase in the numbers of businesses online, it is hard to scale up your organization’s social media presence across various networks. Posting the same post on all the social media platforms is a mistake one can do since different social media networks require different strategies and accordingly different posts.

  •   Keep Things Positive: Be positive and inspiring for your followers, to encourage them to engage with your posts.
  •   Add Link: Provide a Link to your website, because we always require more traffic on our website.
  •  Be Mobile Friendly: Always make sure anything you post is mobile friendly as maximum users use Facebook on mobile.
  •  Create Engagement Posts: Occasionally provide informative and engaging posts to your users to keep them engaged with your page.
  •   Be Responsive: Always respond to the queries and inquiries as soon as possible.

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                   How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post?     

·    Be Clear And Precise: Always know what you want to convey to your users.

·  Provide CTA: A relevant Call to Action is required so that the users are directed where you want.

·   Retweet: Apt content to further engage your followers.

·   Use Mentions: To increase engagement and induce influencers.


      How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post?

  •   HD Images: Use high quality HD images as Instagram is all about imagery.
  •    Photo Editing Tools / Apps: Make use of photo editing apps to edit and enhance your pictures.
  •   Upload Short Videos: Sharing visual content from time to time as they attract more eyeballs.
  •    Use Hashtags Judiciously: Use hashtags carefully, they should be a mix of generic and relevant ones.


            How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post?

  •    Research & Analysis: Do proper research and analysis of whatever you post on the platform to be more relevant.
  •   Keep It Short And Crisp: Make sure your posts are concise, accurate, and informative.
  •   Consistency Is The Key: Be consistent with your postings to remain active in the LinkedIn stream
  •   Connect With Your Fans: Interact with the ones who comment on your posts to build a relationship with your followers.
  •   URL Shortener: Provide a bitly i.e. a URL shortener to redirect your followers to a relevant landing page. 

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    How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post?                       

  •  Avoid Human Images: Try not using human images as they attract less engagement.
  •  Upload Vibrant Coloured Images: Use images with more vibrant and cheerful colours like red, dark green, pink attract more eyeballs.
  •  Post-Vertical Images: Images with portrait style attract more users to your posts.
  •   Use More Keywords: Lessen the hashtags and add as many relevant keywords as you can to increase your chances to come in the search box results.

Google Plus:

   How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post?       

  •    Use Photos Of Proper Size: Upload (800*600) full-size images rather than small images to make your post stand out.
  •    Don’t Use Unnecessary Hashtags: Add more relevant hashtags to increase your post reach.
  •   Be Trendy: Use trending topics to enhance the visibility of your posts.
  •  Tag Influencers And Brands: There are chances they might engage with your posts.

Do you agree with us? Let us know what are the tips and tricks you follow while posting your content on different social media platforms.

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