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The world is changing in the blink of an eye, this is true in the digital realm. And two of the top big names in smartphones manufacturers have been moving so fast in the technological advancements with their respective new operating systems. With iOS 9, Windows phone 10 arrive on your phone at the same time, it is certainly difficult for users to decide which is best mobile OS among iOS 9 is and Windows Phone 10.

So who wins in battle for mobile OS comparison? Will the steady winner iOS still the ruler or do users prefer to invest their money on Windows Phone 10? To help users to decide which to choose, below we provide a detailed review on iOS 9.3.5 vs Windows Phone 10.

Device Internal Memory

Speaking of iOS 9.3.5 Windows Phone 10 comparison, we can't help comparing the considerable hardware devices, among which an apparent difference is their internal memory capability. We take iOS 9.3.5 based iPhone 6s, Windows Phone 10 based Nokia Lumia 950 for example. Windows Nokia Lumia 950 comes with internal memory of 32GB and 3GB of RAM, supporting microSD card, up to 256 GB. But, iPhone 6s ships to us with 16/64/128GB options in internal memory, 2GB of RAM and  no micro SD card slot.

So, in this battle, it's obvious that the Windows Phone 10 based mobile devices play a dominant role and that iOS 9.3 based iPhone is cast into the shade. Certainly, you can purchase the 128GB iPhone for storing more files. But the users of 16/32 GB iPhone, have no choice but to learn some useful tips to save and free up iPhone memory space.


When we do mobile OS comparison, features are the first thing taken into consideration. Let’s see iOS which is famous for its outstanding features win the comparison among iOS 9 or Windows Phone 10 in this regard.

iOS 9.3 comes out with a new feature-Night Shift, which is designed to help users for better sleep. Dozens of studies show that the bright blue light on the display will affect your sleep if you are exposed to this environment too long in the evening. So that's why the Night Shift comes into being. It will automatically adjust the colors of your display, brighter in the daytime and warmer in the evening. On top of this, there are also more improvements to Apple News, Notes, CarPlay and Health in iOS 9.3 devices.

The Windows 10 for phones may come with the most changes in UI and operations as Microsoft is trying to develop and introduce new apps. The mobile operating system gives the same experience you get on PC on a smartphone this time, allowing users to making and receiving phone calls on PC. So apps and other features will look like as similar on your phone as on your desktop.

Battery life                                     

A huge factor for users to decide the best mobile operating system among the mobile OS comparison is how long the OS can runin one full battery cycle. In iOS 9, one additional hour of usage from iOS 8 and up to 3 additional hours when in the new Low Power Mode is added, whereas Windows Phone also has a battery saver option with an estimate of the remaining battery life.

A tabular brief comparison of ios vs WP10 is given below:

Mobile OS

Apple iOS 9

WP 10





Yes, Split-screen




Expandable Live Tiles

Drag and drop file management

no, requires iTunes

no, requires Zune

Health feature




Small iOS 9 download size
Beats Music integration
Stability improvements
More interface shortcuts
Wide compatibility

Universal apps
Microsoft Integration and Support 
Access to more Quick Actions in the Action Center
Interactive Notifications 
Much better speech-to-text


Conclusion: The comparison among iOS 9, Windows Phone 10 above gives a close look at the latest mobile OS offered by the two giants in technical world. With both OS still performing in the market, in terms of UI design, Windows 10 is good as it looks like familiar to most of the users, but IOS 9 is the best mobile operating system in overall aspects and is and the ruler of the mobile OS comparison primarily based on users preferences and needs. One thing is true, you are going to have a better experience on the phone paired with iOS 9.

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