If we have ever tried to convert units in your head, we already know that it’s a difficult task to perform on the spot. With the help advancements in today’s technology, we have a powerful tool in the iPhone that can do the hard work for you. Converter app helps users to convert files from one format to another. There are hundreds of free converter apps available on Google Play. Here I listed 4 best converter application for your Android device

1-Unit Converter Pro
With the help of this app users can quickly convert more than 1500 different units in 80 categories. It contains the most important metric conversion factors for length, area, volume, mass, force, energy, temperature, and time units.  This app very useful for engineering students.

2- Free Unit Converter

This is a free unit converter app. There are over 800 unit types to choose from, as well as a ruler for measuring on the go. Units has a built in currency converter, which automatically updates each day to reflect real-time exchange rates. The app also allows we to hide unit types that we don’t want, so that the interface is a quick and clean reference for conversions.


TUC  is one of the most useful app that is very handy especially for unit conversions. This elegant tool is a must have app for the students and might even help for teachers. This business optimized app make our calculations accurate besides reading effectively. It is equipped with useful features like Quick References, Favorites, Note Search and Functional calculations capability. It is empowered with more than 18000 built in conversions and let us save the converted data. It provide us a way to create and save our own custom units & group and make us easily navigate the key options like Decimal Accuracy Control, Rounding Options Selections. It also make us share conversion data with notes and formulas via SMS or Email and packed with much more advanced features. TUC is also available for Android and Windows Phones. 

With the help of this unit converter, we can calculate anything from your mortgage rates to your fuel consumption. This Converter allows you, the user, to add your own calculators, making this one of the most versatile free conversion apps on the iTunes store. The app also supports compound units, such as pounds and ounces or feet and inches.

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