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TUC- "The Unit Converter"

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One and only Unit Converter which can save converted data and has Notes and History capability…

18000+ Built-in Conversions, Custom Unit/Group Creation, Quick References, Favorites, Notes Search, Functional Calculation Capability, Decimal Accuracy Control, Rounding Options Selection, Sharing Conversion Data including Notes and Formulas via SMS or Email and much more...

From usability point of view “What if you could”:

  Eliminate the need of a separate paper or app to make notes for conversions

  Eliminate the need of memorizing conversion results

  Maintain history of conversions including notes with just a tap

  Search for a text in historic conversions

  Flag important historic conversions for quick references

  Send conversions with notes and calculation formulas to others via SMS or Email

  Create your own conversion units and groups with language of your choice

  Control custom units conversion factor, decimal accuracy, renaming and even rounding options

  Hide unwanted conversion groups and units for better usability

  Calculate formulas like ((Height * Width) * 2 + (Height * Length) * 2 + Length * Width) * Price

  Maintain a sortable list of favorite conversion units

  Expect your app to remember your last selection

  Have one place to see conversion results for all other units within a group

  Have a selection of built-in 59 Conversion Groups, 865 Units and 18,220 standard conversions

  Increase or decrease font size based on Phone font settings

  Be more productive

Sounds amazing?

We are excited to introduce you to TUC - "The Unit Converter" which can do all that and is just one click away from you.

TUC revolutionizes and energizes the Unit Converter application arena and brings freshness and innovation. It helps you to focus on your work rather juggling with many applications and performing manual actions to achieve the ultimate goal.

Main Menu

Top left ‘Main Menu’ selects conversion group (or category) like ‘Temperature’. Main menu has standard active groups, Favorites and ‘Find More’.

‘Find More’ tap leads to Group settings screen where built-in groups can be made active or inactive.

UnitConverter product

Show/Hide Calculation Panel

Calculation panel is not directly linked to value input as ‘From Unit’, rather it is used as calculation staging area where you can do several conversions. Text control is read only. To feed numeric values ‘Calc’ button is used. Other functional calculation requirements like ‘(‘ or ‘)’ can be entered using button taps within panel. Value of calculation panel is automatically saved as notes while conversion record is saved in history. If you are using a formula like (9*7-3) then unless you enter ‘)’ the result 60 will not be shown.

Add History

Add History saves conversion data with option to edit notes by a popup notes screen. Calculation panel values are automatically populated.

Search History

History records notes can be searched using criteria as ‘Starts with’, ‘Ends with’ or ‘Equal To’.

History Tab

This tab shows conversion records with Notes icon. On tap of notes icon, notes popup screen appears. On long press ‘Add to Quick Reference’, ‘Send SMS’, ‘Email’ and ‘Delete’ options appear. Send SMS and Email will copy conversion data as well as notes in the message body.You can even shortlist few of the very important history records as your quick references.

Quick Reference

This tab shows important history records which were selected for quick reference. On tap of that record, conversion values will be populated.

Other Units

This tab shows conversion data for all units within a selected group.

Home Page: Mapping, Group, Unit

You can enter custom group and then custom units. Once you have two active units within a custom group, mapping can be done by providing conversion factor. In mapping you can opt for rounding, rounding type and decimal precision.

Application, Group and Unit settings

Only custom units and groups can be deleted. Standard units and groups can only be made inactive.

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