Whether you're an offshore PHP developer or a full-time PHP programming expert, using a PaaS for developing with PHP, then Pagoda Box can turn to your best match. Keep on reading this article to learn more about this PHP-only PaaS(Platform as a Service).

A detailed overview on Pagoda Box

Pagoda Box offers a wide range of components, out of which the most critical one is the Web Component which holds all the code and runs each individual one on a request basis. Plus, you can enjoy the flexibility of having up to 25 instances of the Web components. That means, you can choose from 200MB to 1GB RAM for each of these web components, with a total of 25GB for each application. Next, comes the Database component which can be scaled up to 500MB for each individual instance. You can either opt for the Cloud MySQL or the Private Cloud MySQL for the database component. Finally, there is the Caching component which is available in Memcached and Redis flavors, both offering a free basic plan with a total memory of 10MB. Other components offered by Pagoda Box include Shared Writable Components, SSL and Cron Job Components.

Pagoda Box- What's in store for PHP developers?

Since Pagoda Box supports a large number of PHP frameworks like: CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Zend etc. you can conveniently have a well-organized MYSQL database for your web application. And that's not all! Pagoda Box also allows you to have complete control over the count of instances you want to have for your application. You can opt for viewing the statistics of your application's performance, the requests and a variety of other parameters. Available as two separate offerings viz: pagodabox.com and newpagodabox.com, Pagoda Box works by automating the process of creating a fully scalable cloud environment. Its underlying architecture makes room for instant scalability across multiple components comprising of caching, databases, web, writable storage and many more. In Pagoda Box, everything is being packages using the command-line client and the highly intuitive dashboard controls. Some of the remarkable features included with Pagoda Box are: multiple database support, analytics, SSL, logs, storage, web application and many more. With built-in, real-time analytics, it becomes convenient for you to monitor and control different app components via a single page, instead of relying on varied third-party service providers.


So that was all about Pagoda Box. Hope you'd have loved going through this mesmerizing PaaS that has been specially designed for Php developers who're looking forward to create a fabulous application. 



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