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Using Customer Data Platforms to Increase Revenue

Kishan Kundu 696 25-Apr-2019

A customer data platform (CDP) is a technology that unifies customer data from multiple sources to create a single customer profile. Unlike other systems, customer data platforms are built for accessibility with simple interfaces.

Less-technical team members like marketing and customer service are expected to interact and use data through the Customer Data Platform - without the use of IT resources.

Lastly, customer data platforms make this data actionable. Some data platforms focus solely on the data, and rely on integrations to accomplish this. Others, like Related Digital, equip clients to use this data directly in their applications.

While a CDP sounds simple in conception, it solves a series of deceptively difficult questions: who are your prospective and current customers? When should you reach out to them? Which offer should you use?

Customer Data Platform Use Case

As mentioned, customer data platforms have many use cases, spanning acquisition, engagement, conversion, and maximization.

To help illustrate, I pulled a few examples from our clients that showcase how they are using a CDP to improve sales.

Use Case #1: Making Facebook Custom Audiences More Effective with CDP

You should use customer data platforms to enhance Facebook Custom Audiences.

Custom Audiences allow companies to target a specific customer list on Facebook, Instagram, or the Audience Network.

The effectiveness of these ads depend on the quality of your list. This is where customer data platforms come into play.

CDPs give you the power to segment your customers, creating unique messages to each type.

Customer data platforms gives you access to this data. Above, our clients are able to engage clients in real time based on a number of factors, including device type, location, and behavior.

In this case, a pop-up displays when a prospect is highlighting a product name. This behavior is normally followed by a search looking for comparative prices.

Updated 25-Apr-2019
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