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Why Facebook Is Important For Your Business

Since Facebook is so important and has a huge impact, like other social media, getting likes., followers, comments, and views determines what you want to show t

Top 5 Agile Certifications You Can Earn with ExamSnap

Introduction Customer satisfaction, continuous software development, teamwork during project execution and a good working environment are some of the principles making the Agile Methodology popular. So what is Agile Methodology? It involves manageme

How Cambridge Analytica's Facebook focusing on model truly worked – as indicated by the individual w

The analyst whose work is at the focal point of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica information investigation and political publicizing turmoil has uncovered that his technique worked much like the one Netflix uses to suggest motion pictures.

8 Go-To Resources About Pname Com Facebook Orca

Have you at any point gotten a spring up message at the Android smartphone display screen on Facebook, Pname com FB

User Authentication with All Social Account under One Account in Node.js

In this article, I’m explaining to create the local authentication with passport.js and also this account with all social accounts like Facebook, twitter, and google+. In this article, use the application ejs template engine for express application.