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WhatsApp number released for women, message, take advantage of government schemes

The administration has issued 9454416517 number in this regard and has also issued an email address for this. The Women's Cell will be active on every working d

Smartphones Playing With Your Personal privacy

Just two years later, another act was brought into amendment, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which protected the contents of electronic communications from being read or disclosed.

WhatsApp will now support for older Android versions until 2020

The most popular messaging giant WhatsApp that is owned by Facebook has now decided to further extend support of its app for older versions of Android until early 2020, due to prevailing fragmentation in the Android ecosystem.

Hike, adds wallet feature to its messenger app, beating WhatsApp

India's home-grown messaging platform Hike has launched its wallet feature. With this feature, the company has beaten its bigger rival WhatsApp which too is speculated to be working on introducing wallet functionality to its messenger app.

WhatsApp is now more exciting with visual filters, albums and reply shortcuts

WhatsApp is planning to bring a set of new features. On bringing these new features, the company seem to intent upon establishing the application as one that makes use of visual features like images and videos.

Google Allo Messenger App

Few months before, a new real-time communication app named Allo was launched by Google. Google’s Allo, while has a clean and extremely easy to use interface, much like WhatsApp, it does have some of new features and add-ons.