Wireless Charging has entered the world where many companies and individuals are adopting it in their busy lives. The Wireless Charging is used for Smartphones and Laptops in the present scenario but it is expected to work more in other devices as well. The Wireless Charging will make life much easier and faster. And the inventions in the previous many years have proven that Wireless Charging could work very well when integrated with the evolving technologies and components. As well as, now we don’t need to limit to the charging cell phones.

Future of Wireless Charging

It will discard the need of Wires for charging devices, device just needed to be placed at one location where the device can be kept and it will automatically charge the mobile or laptop. Currently, the Wireless Charging is divided into 3 categories:

1. Close Range: The ‘Inductive Charging Technology’ is used in Close Range Wireless Charging. In current time, this technology is available in the market. The close range Wireless Charging is very efficient and cost-effective, as well as easy to design and use it. The Close Range is very effective and successful during the practical phase, in addition to this, the changes are also made to improve the device and meet the standards of Wireless Charging.

2. Mid Range: The ‘Resonance Charging Technology’ is used in Mid Range Wireless Charging. It can be available in market very soon, as it is expected. It will ease the experience of the user and can make it easily accessible, as it can be installed at various places.

3. Long Range: The Long Range Wireless Charging is in the development phase. As, it uses various technologies like Infrared Light, Radio Waves, Ultrasound Waves, etc. If the Long Range Wireless Charging comes into commercial use, then it may arise various concerns like the long range charging will lose energy in the environment while transferring through waves; it can only be used by low power consuming devices.

Future of Wireless Charging

In the present scenario, everyone is so much attached and bound with the use of mobile phones. And any time the situation arises when phone battery dies and don’t have any other alternative to charge the mobile phones. So, you need power every time near you to avail all these facilities. In this Wireless Charging System will work and rescue you from these types of difficult situations. The Wireless Power not only moves from one device to another but also make its way through the air at the specific speed and using the wave medium.

There are various companies who have opted for Wireless Charging and equipped their offices with the system as well as developing their own product to make charging more easier. As the initial phase in the development of this technology is going good, but every new technology requires improvement to attain a standard.

Apart from Mobile Phones, the Wireless Charging is putting its feet forward in Automobiles. The various companies are offering Wireless Charging system in their cars. The driver or passenger can charge his or her mobile phone in the car, just by placing it at a specific place; instead of attaching it with pin and wire to charge the mobile phone.

As well as, many other companies are eyeing over Wireless Charging system and focus towards the improvement in the environment of the workplace as well as improvement and upgradation in the device. ‘Disney’ and ‘Energous’ are trying their hand in Wireless Charging and are looking to improve the working of the device. The expense of installing the device is very high at the initial phase, but the fashion and demand of the system will make the decline in price. And the Wireless Charging has the capability to revolutionize the lives of people.

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