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How These 5 Office Gadgets Can Boost Your Employee Productivity

How These 5 Office Gadgets Can Boost Your Employee Productivity

Pedro Araez 708 22-Feb-2022

Having an efficient workforce is crucial in ensuring that your business runs successfully. When your staff is active, they dedicate more energy and resources to attaining the established business goals. In turn, your enterprise functions optimally. And there are many ways to improve your team's productivity.

This article focuses on one primary method—using office tools. It explains how the everyday use of five gadgets leads to the long-run enhancement of your staff's fruitfulness. Read on for more details:

1. Software-Compatible Scanners

One of the chief contributors to reduced staff functionality is handling heaps of paperwork and documents, so scanning is necessary to digitize hardcopy documents. However, post-scanning activities can be tedious, such as sorting and grouping digitized documents into specified categories. On this account, it'd be beneficial if you incorporated software into your scanning system to help your team perform the post-scanning processes smoothly.

For instance, if you run a small enterprise, buying software-compatible Desktop Document scanners can be beneficial as you'd reduce the time your staff spends digitizing documents. And this is made possible by the following features of the scanning software:

  • Automatic verification: The software automatically runs the captured information on the scanned document through a validation process to identify areas with missing data, such as signatures.
  • High-grade imagery: After scanning, the images of the captured documents displayed on the computer screens are high-quality. Thus, it becomes easily readable, and there isn't a distortion of information within your business network.
  • Automatic grouping: You can quickly sort the documents into specified categories using the scanner and software, so you don't spend much time manually grouping them before the digitizing process.
  • Direct sharing: The software enables you to instantly send information to required designations.

The good thing about such software is that it's flexible and works for many scanners. Hence, if your business grows with time and starts handling high volumes of paperwork, the software will still be valuable in providing you with efficient and automated capabilities. And with such a convenient scanning system, you'd have significantly lowered your team's workload, giving them more time to focus on other productive functions of your business.

2. Standing Desks

Fatigue is one of the chief causes of reduced productivity in your staff. And one common factor leading to exhaustion in your team is prolonged hours of sitting behind a desk.

So, as the manager, you can solve this problem by introducing standing desks into your organization for your desk job staff—so that they can alternate between sitting and standing. An economic approach to this would be purchasing convertible desks. With such, your colleagues don't need to change workstations, moving from a sitting to a standing desk located elsewhere in your office. When they want to stretch their muscles by standing, they only pull a knob or lever on the desk to adjust its height.

Therefore, you’ll reduce your company's downtime with standing desks as your staff won't have to take extended breaks off from work to rejuvenate. Furthermore, you'll be maintaining an alert and healthy workforce who'll be functioning optimally. Consequently, your business operations will progress seamlessly.

How These 5 Office Gadgets Can Boost Your Employee Productivity

3. Electronic Whiteboards

Actively including your staff in business development agendas is vital in boosting their performance. And one gadget that helps your colleagues keep pace with your business growth ideas is an electronic whiteboard, also known as an interactive smartboard.

The function of an electronic whiteboard is to display a projected computer screen. Thus, if you have a big audience for, say, a training seminar or conference, the information you intend to share from your computer screen will reach your viewers conveniently as the board is wide enough for them to see.

Another notable aspect of this board is that it's touch-sensitive. Thus, if you're conducting internal company meetings, the board enables your colleagues to make real-time contributions and changes to the data displayed on the screen.

Therefore, this board is a practical gadget to ensure the mutual sharing of accurate information between you and your staff. As with it, you can learn and communicate effectively on tips to boost your business.

4. Speakerphones

Effective communication is critical in maintaining seamless workflow in your organization. Thus, gadgets such as speakerphones come in handy. These devices make it easy for you to effectively communicate with your colleagues as you can respond to a caller without the need for a microphone or headphones.

For instance, if you're holding a virtual meeting with your team, this gadget lets you call the office and communicate with the attendants successfully, regardless of their number. This verbal correspondence is also instantaneous. Hence, your colleagues actively share information with you. Additionally, such a gadget is beneficial if your team works remotely. You'll issue orders, communicate and monitor them effectively to get work flowing.

Therefore, a speakerphone is a practical tool for enhancing your staff's productivity, especially in current times when the trend of conducting meetings is swiftly turning digital.

5. Wireless Flash Drives

Wireless flash drives are an excellent investment to save your team a lot of time and energy as they allow for the easy transfer of information within your company. With them, your colleagues can send and receive data from each other within a determined Wi-Fi range.

The great thing about these flash disks is that you don't need to connect them to a computer manually; hence, your staff doesn't have to move around the office. Thus, if you run a big organization, such flash disks will save your team the trouble of walking many flights of stairs to receive information from their colleagues.

For this reason, wireless flash drives are a crucial accessory, not just to conserve your employees' time and energy but also to allow them to perform optimally at work, as the exchange of work-related information is quick. Due to this, they increase productivity, and you'll achieve a positive return on investment from the wireless flash disks.


The functionality of your team is crucial for your business's survival. For this reason, it's upon you to take measures to enhance their effectiveness, such as investing in gadgets known to boost their productivity. This article discusses five such devices—software-integrated scanners, standing desks, electronic whiteboards, speakerphones, and wireless flash drives. When your team uses these gadgets, they're likely to reduce fatigue and workload significantly. And, consequently, they'll increase their productivity.

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