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A Beginner’s guide for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A Beginner’s guide for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Crystal Lopez1235 12-Aug-2021

What is it that you see when you’re crawling the search engines and webpages? Lots of websites are widespread in front of your eyes. How are these websites ranked? In terms of visibility, content, or anything else?

The answer is through SEO practices. SEO tools take the desired content, optimize it so that the search engines rank the website higher. It involves organic traffic ranking and is different from paid advertising. For effective ranking, crawling, and indexing; one needs to get the best SEO practices. It is about making those changes to your website which seem like small improvements at once, but in a larger perspective, these optimizations could leave an observable impact.

A Beginner’s guide for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For example, some content writer creates techniques to prepare for a certain examination. It doesn’t matter how much hard work he puts in creating the content, ultimately his efforts will go unnoticed if proper optimization is not used. For making the search engines notice his blog, certain tools & techniques are required. SEO manifests those techniques through various tools & methods.

Why is it so important?

Practicing proper SEO services is important for the maintenance of a website. Almost 53% of total global traffic is acquired through SEO services- which is an enormous share of traffic for websites. In the marketing spectrum, this practice is usually the most sought-after. Although it takes a longer time to elevate the website, ultimately it gives pleasant results.

The following figure outlines the benefits of SEO practices, which have been explained here:

1. Channel Synergy- there are a lot of creators who are standing in competition to collect the demand of the audience generated by the website. If your SEO practices are not up to the mark, then you will lag behind in collecting organic traffic.

2. Global reach- SEO could help in reaching the website to global audiences through translation and localization.

3. Organic traffic- ruling with SEO doesn’t require you to spend money on paid advertisement. It gives you effective ROI (Return on Investment) and brings organic traffic to the website.

4. Brand Elevation- due to proper SEO practices only your brand gets incremented to rank higher on Google.

5. Traffic Equity in the Long-term- the rankings that are earned by SEO have a long-term duration. So, by this logic, the equity in traffic/viewer reach is earned for the long term.

6. Social results- the more the sharing on social handles, the merrier its results. Suppose, you run a digital marketingplatform, so, by SEO you could share it on your social handles to reach the interested audience.

Importance of SEO

A Beginner’s guide for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

An Overview of SEO strategies:

  • Through content creation- the first and foremost strategy should be creating authentic content. It should have every message you want to convey written precisely. Many times, readers have a short attention span. Thus, it is necessary to know that as a content creator, you don’t have to frame long sentences. Just keep it compact & to the point. Also, another point to keep in mind is to know the intention. Both you and your reader have some intent behind a particular content. Discover that, and create accordingly.
  • Through keywords- use tools to do keyword research. Because if you enter blatantly into the market, your content would be of no use. Also, you need to keep a check on competition analysis. Know the intent of the keywords because different people have different types of questions. If your content satiates their questions, then you’re good to go!
  • Through tags- for selecting tags, your main keyword should be included in it as well as the heading should be captivating. For this purpose also, you could use tools to search for the most suitable tags. For example, Ahref. Don’t do stuffing among the keywords as it is too much to handle & may be penalized.
  • Structure- lookout for canonicalization to solve these issues to avoid any duplicate sites. For search engines to crawl on your website, it is important to create a mobile-friendly site. Its UI/UX should be optimum to avoid any lagging in the user experience. To post duplicate content or the same content on the other site does not penalize you. But doing it in a spammy way is disturbing. The canonical issues can occur on your site if more than enough duplicate URLs are there.

A Beginner’s guide for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Through trust-building- the DA and PA are of high usefulness in this domain. Similarly, there is a bounce rate that illustrates how many people visited a single page on your website before leaving it. The crawling by search engines takes time therefore it is advisable to request indexing from the Google Search console. Trust takes time to build so wait patiently for the readers as well as the search engines to perform their actions. Your duty is just to indulge incorrect SEO practices & keep analyzing the activities.
  • Through links- build your links in the right way and do not involve shortcuts. Check out for links that harm your ability to rank the websites. Do internal linking as much as you love doing external linking. This is because links are the basic keys for developing audience reach.
  • Through social handles- indulge in the right kind of SEO by sharing your page and blogs in your social handles and your friend’s social accounts. This is the best and most loved way to gain organic traffic.

Types of SEO services:

All the companies which provide top class SEO services have namely two types of SEO:

1. On-page SEO

2. Off-page SEO

The SEO practices occurring outside your website are called Off-page SEO. Backlinking and increasing branded search are methods of off-page work. It is mainly dependent on building relationships outside the website so that organic traffic is gained and professional equations are created to help in future use.

On the other hand, On-page SEO involves the work that is done on the website itself. A few methods to achieve this are, building rich-quality content, using keywords, tags, and proper linking.

An ethical way forward:

Due to the immense desire of reaching to the top, some websites also follow unethical means to build SEO and increase their crawling. Thus, there are different methods that demonstrate ethical and illegal SEO.

SEO practices are constantly changing and varying every day. So keep researching more.

Good luck!

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