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Twitter Goes Light With Twitter Lite!!!


  Twitter Goes Light With Twitter Lite!!!

India has been chosen by Twitter to launch Twitter Lite which is a faster version
of Twitter for the mobile web. Indeed! A proud moment for Indians.

It has been developed in partnership with Google and is globally launched first in India via @VodafoneIN. Let’s get into details: 


Twitter Lite is a progressive web app which has features combining the best of both web and apps. It has been crafted to enhance the user experience on mobile, being effectual from the first visit in a browser tab, without being even installed.

The Twitter Lite app is available in 42 languages. Too many languages indeed! 


Twitter Lite is available on One can directly access it from the browser without installing the same. 

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The most notable feature of Twitter Lite is that, one can experience it simply by logging into on the browser of mobile phone. As the name suggests of it being light a.k.a. LITE , it indeed has all the advantages one may expect in a LITEr version of an app. Also, it is easily available, fast and responsive, uses lesser data, requires lesser storage space, installing in a jiffy, supports push notifications and offline use in modern browsers. That are a lot of reason for one to install Twitter Lite.

Let’s check some of the advantages in detail: 

Availability: It is network spirited, which is a big advantage as for a country like India where network connectivity is always a problem. This particular feature will make the app available to every willing person on the planet. Kudos Twitter Lite for attaining this level of reach. 

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Progressively Load: It is speedy or one may feel, really speedy, as being interactive in less than 5 seconds over 3G on most of the devices is a big deal. Another advantage as time is very precious these days.
Data Usage: The data usage is reduced by as much as 40%. This is achieved as twitter lite optimizes the images and as a result the data usage is also decreased.
Space Saving: It requires only a fraction of space in one’s storage device. 

And that fully justifies the term lite. Go, try it and do let us know in the comments how do you find it?

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Last updated:1/29/2020 11:26:34 AM


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