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Your body

Your body is a mix of minerals, enzymes, and basic elements. Everything you are, physically, is the result of something you’ve eaten, breathed or absorbed....

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Task Manager Mac solution

Task Manager Mac solution: tips and tricks. What do you need Task Manager on Mac for. How to open Task Manager in Mac OS. What is a keyboard shortcut for Task Manager for Mac computer. How to close a program in Task Manager for Mac....

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App Store Optimization

The article is about one of the keys factors, which influenced on the marketing of your mobile application....

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What is MAC O.S?

Mac OS is an operating system that is designed for the apple Macintosh computers, it is developed by a U.S based company apple Inc. The macOS only runs on Apple Desktop and Laptop computers, and they have another operating system known as iOS......

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Good News For iOS app developers!!!

The iOS developers can now deploy and test their applications right from Windows. Are you familiar with Xamarin.iOS? Then I don’t need to tell you that it is a Microsoft propagated tool that allows users to develop iOS applications via C#....

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iOS Technology Overview

The iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the tools and interfaces needed to develop, install, run, and test native apps that appear on an iOS device’s Home screen....

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