7 Marketing Hacks For Startups.

7 Marketing Hacks For Startups. It is very exciting to work in a startup, isn’t it? Everything goes through you, you are responsible for hiring and

Top digital marketing agency in Lucknow

In the era of digitally acclaimed platforms and enhancing nature of people, Digital Marketing (including SEO, SMM, and PPC, etc.) has become a more

Take your Business to the Next Level with Google AdMob and Google Ads

Google AdWords is a mobile advertising platform that has benefitted many organizations since its inception. Google AdMob is another one of the adv

Getting a better Client Conversion Rate with Better Website Design

The design of your website plays a large role in how good your CCR (Client Conversion Rate) is. CCR is basically how many of those visitors that you get are turned into actual clients or customers. You need to make sure you are reaching out to your

Case Study of PPC Success in 2019

This is an overview of the work that Intellemo delivered for UrbanClap and the remarkable results that were achieved. Confidential Client data has been masked deliberately.

All About Google URL Shortener

In most marketing blogs, URL shortening doesn’t get front page coverage generally, it needs to be pursued passively and is considered a secondary activity. There is an element of truth to that, but it is important to know how to use a link shortener.

For Better Ad Targeting Refine Your Facebook Audience

Posting creative and trendy content and still not getting the optimum reach? Maybe you are targeting the wrong audience. The reach of your Facebook page and adverts depends a lot on the audience you are targeting.

Mobile Marketing

What Is Mobile Marketing?Mobile marketing can be thought of as a subset of digital marketing. It is an art of marketing your business to attract