The design of your website plays a large role in how good your CCR (Client Conversion Rate) is. CCR is basically how many of those visitors that you get are turned into actual clients or customers. You need to make sure you are reaching out to your targeted audience and that your site is appealing. Website design in Brick, Toms River or wherever you are is more important than a lot of business owners realize. They end up with websites that have too much attention paid to the intricacies of the business and less on engaging with the visitors and getting them to return. Here are some tips on more effective web design.

1) Think minimalist – Keep both your language and feel of the site simple so it is easy to understand. Do not confuse or clutter it up. Have it focused on the essential parts of the site and avoid having too much white space as that distracts people. Attractive website design in Toms River does not have to mean complicated and overfilled.

2) Make sure it is responsive design – This means the site is accessible by visitors using tablets and phones. Recently it was found that in fact, most people do their online searching and purchasing using some form of a handheld device. Well designed websites easily turn visitors into customers, who are happy to return because they did not have issues with the site.

3) The speed of your page loading is key – You have likely experienced this yourself. You have clicked to visit a site, but you are left hanging for a few seconds waiting for it to load. Did you wait? Or did you close it and go to a site that loads instantly? Most people do the latter and that means you need your website design to load fast, as in within 2 seconds. If you are designing the site yourself or getting a website design in Brick or elsewhere, think about icons and animations and other things that might slow that load time.

4) Place the call to actions visibly – You should have a CTA on every page of your site that draws the visitor's attention that they then click on. It should be obvious, there should not be a need to scroll to find one. Rather than being commanding try something more catchy.

5) First impressions are important – You have less than a second to make a good impression on a site visitor. Structure the site well, only use high quality and compelling images and everything is well organized. Make sure it reflects the values you want it to.


Website design in Toms River or anywhere needs to be all about reaching your targeted audience, getting engagement from visitors, turning them into customers and retaining them for future business. If this is your first time, or you are not comfortable with website design, consider hiring a company to do it for you.

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