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For Better Ad Targeting Refine Your Facebook Audience

Ashish srivastava 1824 22-May-2017

     For Better Ad Targeting Refine Your Facebook Audience

Posting creative and trendy content and still not getting the optimum reach? Maybe you are targeting the wrong audience. The reach of your Facebook page and adverts depends a lot on the audience you are targeting. Make sure to refine your Facebook audience to reach the right audience without wasting your ad spend amount. For all those who wish to improve their Facebook ad targeting here is all you need to know. 

Know the Interest of Your Customers

On Facebook, Interests targeting options allows you to target people specifically interested in a subject related to your product. For example, If you are a Cosmetic Brand you can target people interested in beauty products, manicure, pedicure, nail arts, branded cosmetics beauty magazines and blogs covering your market, etc.

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Show Ads to People Within 20 Miles Of Your Location

The first step to refining your audience is through basic demographic information. Both big brands and local shop owners can target their potential customers via. country to zip code. You can target people who are in your area and on their digital device, whether they live in your area or are just passing through. 

Target Specific Age and Gender with Demographics

Instead of simply targeting particular geographic areas, add age groups and gender to the refine your audience.

Age: You have the flexibility to choose teenagers, young families, or retired people as per your brand.

Gender: Target a specific gender. If you are a brand selling western clothing for women in New Delhi there is no point showing your ads to men in PAN India.

For example, Target women aged 17-50 who live in New Delhi. 

Run Your Adverts on A Certain Time

If your audience is active online only at night or on weekends at certain hours you can target them by specifying which hours of the day your ads run irrespective of the time zone, when you select Lifetime Budget in the Ad Set area. 

Exclude Your Current Followers to Increase Your Reach

Want to improve the reach of your Facebook page and posts? Make sure you target only new potential fans by excluding your current fans. 

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Target via Lookalike Audience

Once you have gained a good feedback from your Custom Audiences using Lookalike Audiences is the next logical step. Lookalike Audiences allow you to reach beyond your limit but still target people who are likely to be interested in your business. 

Target People with Specific Mobile Devices

You can target users based on the mobile device they use to log into Facebook through behaviors section. For example, if you’re selling an expensive product you will get more quality leads/conversions if you run your ads on high-end mobile devices. 

Separate Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

You may think why I should run a separate campaign for mobile and desktop, the CPC on each platform will be the same irrespective of the device it is displayed on. But hey, it’s not the same. To your surprise, Facebook does not divide the ad impressions equally on each platform. In most cases, the ads will be displayed majorly on the mobile devices only.

To Analyze The Same, Place Three Different Ad Sets:

·         First on mobile only,

·         The second on desktop only

·         The third one for mobile and desktop both.          

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Analyze each set after at least 24 hours and you be might be surprised with the results you find. 

We would love to hear what your findings were. Let us know in the comments section.

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