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It's been 35 years since Microsoft windows came into existence. Windows operating system is one of the most widespread operating systems that is exercised all..

Top 5 Best Windows Security Tools in 2019

To protect yourself against ransomware and other hacks, be sure to use these top five Windows security tools for 2019.

Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

Windows introduced the desktop gadget feature with Windows Vista. These gadgets provide a lot many information at a glance and are low on system resources as well.

Windows 8 Vs Windows 10

Windows 8 Vs. Windows 10. Windows 10 is the latest Upgrade available by Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Windows 10: A new member in the Windows NT family of operating system.

Windows 10 is the latest Operating system released by Microsoft which the company claims that is the best OS in the Windows OS family.

Windows 8

In this article I am introducing the latest version of Windows Operating System, Windows 8 and Windows RT.