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Editions of Windows 8

Vijay Shukla 4199 26-Dec-2012

In this article I am differentiating all Windows 8 Editions:

Microsoft Corporation announced the new version of Windows Operating System Windows 8 and Windows 8 has launched four editions on 26th October 2012.

Windows 8 Editions:

1.       Windows 8.

2.       Windows 8 pro.

3.       Windows 8 Enterprises.

4.       Windows RT.

Windows 8

Windows 8 is a completely latest version of Windows OS, and we can also say that Windows 8 is succeed version of Windows 7, in addition to the traditionary desktop, If you like the simplicity and user interface of tablets, you will likely love it. It’s also including a new-style interface for use with touch screens laptops, PCs or tablets. Windows 8 barrows the some designed from the Microsoft Windows 7 phone Operating System.

Windows 8 Pro

Pro is the edition of Windows 8 for the PC business/technical professionals. Windows 8 has many features but some is there, Bit Locker encryption, PC virtualization, domain connectivity, PC management and booting from VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) etc, overall I will says its enhanced networking and data encryption features. It’s designed for x86 and x64 processors Windows 8 Pro is for traditional PCs.

Bit Locker encryption:

Bit Locker encryptions encrypt the hard drives on your computer to provide advanced protection against data theft or divestment on computers and removable drives that are lost or stolen.

PC virtualization:

Hyper-V is the more powerful scalable and capable from the Windows Virtual PC. Microsoft replaced Windows Virtual PC to Hyper-V.

Domain connectivity and PC management:

Domain connectivity will agree to IT admins using Windows 8 Pro to access Active Directory, where they can set PC management and security policies through the Group Policy feature. Using Active Directory, IT pros can verify passwords and specify whether users are system administrators or normal users.

Booting from VHD:

VHD stands for Virtual Hard Disk and it’s a feature, it’s allow to create a virtual drives for testing apps or testing beta versions of an operating system without affecting the performance of the computer's.

 Windows 8 Enterprises

Windows 8 Enterprise is the edition of windows 8 for the large business or organization, its offers extra networking features to help technicians run large networks. Windows 8 Enterprise is mostly Windows 8 Pro with a few technical programs.

Windows RT

RT stands for Run Time and Windows RT comes pre-installed on tablets or laptops; you can’t buy it individually and you can’t move it from one device to another. Windows RT includes a desktop like another Windows O.S.

Updated 30-Nov-2017

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