Excellent hair cutting solutions can cost you a lot. If you can’t decide between Japanese hair cutting scissors and German options, here are a few tips to help you arrive at a sound decision. Read on to know what the difference is between the two and while you’ll want to pick one over the other.

Japanese Hair Cutting Scissors VS German Scissors

Check The Edge

When you use Japanese-style scissors, you will come across very sharp edges that thin out to a sharp point referred to as a convex edge. This edge makes it possible for barbers to make all sorts of cutting techniques such as slide cuts and wisping with no problems. The extremely sharp edges often rub themselves dull when it comes in contact with the hollow side of the edge. To ensure that your scissors will perform without a hitch, the scissors need to be sharpened and re-honed properly. That will give you scissors that feel and cut as good as new. German scissors will have flatter edges, on the other hand. These scissors are very durable but they can’t be used for slide cutting due to the serration, The Hand of Gord says.

Look At The Features

High quality Japanese Hair Shears often have ergonomic designs, the Sprucely Gent says. Many of these options take into account the needs of the stylist or barber, allowing for better grip designs to reduce finger strain and stress. Japanese scissors are also honed with a sharp edge and can create softer cuts. German scissors have non-honed blades and are used for creating crisp cuts.

Mind The Sounds

The design of Japanese hair scissors ensures a smooth and quiet performance. If you don’t grind on the hone line, the scissors will turn out hard and loud every time you close and open the scissors. The hone line should be ground in the hollow along the edge.  German scissors, on the other hand, are louder and rougher because of the serration in their blades.

Consider Your Options

Check out reputable shops for shears. Take a look at the inventory and browse through the best-sellers and popular items. Which ones make for an excellent option for you? What do other customers say about the quality of the product? Does the firm provide excellent customer service? These are some of the questions you’ll want to ask before you check out your options. Whether you go for Japanese hair cutting scissors or a German pair of shears, you’ll want to consider your needs and go from there.

Shopping For Scissors

Know what you need and pick options that tick off all the boxes on your list. Is it durable? Does the high-quality product make your life easier? Which brand of scissors give you better fit? Which ones are much more comfortable for your hands and fingers? What kind of results did you get from the scissors? What do the reviews say about the item? You’ll want to check out the feedback from other consumers to give you a sense of how it went for them, if they’re happy or if you should look for options elsewhere.

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