Why Xamarin Framework is Deemed Relevant for Mobile App Development

Why Xamarin Framework is Deemed Relevant for Mobile App Development

When iOS or Android apps, the first name that comes to our mind is Objective-C, Swift, and Java, right? Unquestionably, they are the ordinarily used frameworks for mobile app development, and the reason they are the native technology stacks. Still, developing high-performing and user-centred mobile apps are not confined just to these frameworks. There are other frameworks as well that are gaining more traction in the market these days, and one name out of those frameworks is Xamarin. We shall be examining positive aspects of Xamarin to realize why it is deemed to be the King of the cross-platform mobile development framework in the market. 

It is somewhat challenging to overlook Xamarin as mobile app development framework when one is discussing the most advanced techniques for mobile app development. Being a widely used framework for the development of cross-platform apps, it has 1.4 million+ developers in the community across the globe. This framework enables developers to share more than 90% codebase across mainstream platforms. For cross-platform app development, Xamarin employs C# and native libraries, which are moreover enclosed in the .Net framework. Applications created using Xamarin are regarded as equal to native apps when talking about the performance and user experience usually. Xamarin makes most of all real-time and cutting-edge API accessibility to optimize core platform potentials.

Benefits of using xamarin framework for mobile app development

Written below are some of the reasons why businesses are seeking the assistance of Xamarin when going for mobile app development:

Single technology stack to code across all platforms

Xamarin employs C# in conjunction with .Net framework to develop mobile apps for different mobile platforms with the native feel. The best element concerning this robust tool is that it enables developers to apply codebase up to 96%, and developers don’t have to swap between different environments, whereby pacing up the development cycle.

Performance close to native

Coming to the performance parameters, apps developed utilizing Xamarin are as good as the ones that are built on Java for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS platform. Over the years, Xamarin has shown a consistent improvement to adhere to the standards of native app development.

Intuitive user experiences

Xamarin empowers developers to deliver outstanding experiences using platform-based UI components. Most simple cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Windows are developed on Xamarin. Since Xamarin framework is known for accelerating the pace of the mobile app development process, it is a prominent option to go for when creating enterprise-grade projects.

Complete hardware support

Xamarin facilitates your mobile application with native-level app functionality that aids you in getting rid of hardware compatibility issues by merely applying plugins and defined APIs, to operate even with the same features across different platforms. Also, it ensures a smooth connection with native libraries that additionally results in advanced optimization and real-time functionality with minimal investment.

Streamlined maintenance

With Xamarin, the process of maintenance has streamlined; also, Xamarin made it pretty more comfortable to bring the apps up-to-date. You can save a lot of time and money when it comes to maintenance and updating your apps. You have to incorporate the alterations or updates to root file, and it will be executed to iOS and Android apps automatically.

Building apps for Macs with Xamarin.Mac Tool

Xamarin.Mac enables developing fully native Mac apps employing C# and .NET. It blends with the same libraries that are utilized for developing in Objective-C with Xcode. Using Xamarin.Mac fused with Xamarin. IOS and Xamarin.Android, developers can share up to 90% of native code across Android, iOS, and Mac OS.

Support for tvs, Wearables and IoT

Xamarin.Forms support the development of mobile apps for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, and it is quite simple to develop applications for Samsung wearable’s, TVs, and IoT. Besides the aforementioned, Xamarin.iOS likewise supports application development for Apple tvOS (an OS developed by Apple) and watch OS.

Final words:

Keeping insight what is Xamarin framework all about, and the benefits of Xamarin mobile app development platform, most of the business owners and entrepreneurs are looking forward to leveraging the advantages of Xamarin in mobile application development. So if you are in the search for the most broadly used cross-platform mobile application development framework having a high-performance level and native functionality, opting for Xamarin will be the right decision for your business. To know how this framework helped many companies look for the assistance of the professional Xamarin app development company that can harness the potential of Xamarin quite well. Also, the one that can diminish your development cost by using a single technology stack and code reusability features.

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