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How Storytelling Paintings Encourage the Nurturing of Imagination in Children

Storytelling has been found to be one of the best ways to enhance the imagination and learning of children. This is because it is interactive and lets them come up with their own versions as against story reading. This is the reason why storytelling has found its way into art and this has been so for many centuries now. Storytelling paintings Artist can make even those kids who are not very confident of themselves, express themselves excellent by way of paintings. Majorly, there are two ways in which storytelling can be encouraged through the medium of art:

1. Using art to give an account of events.

2. Using art to bring out imagination and emotions.

In the first scenario, children can be encouraged to read artworks. This is because visual understanding is the key to learning in children since the day they are born. So, showing paintings to children to help them weave stories builds their imagination and also vocabulary.

How Storytelling Paintings Encourage the Nurturing of Imagination in Children

In the second scenario, art can effectively be used to bring out their imaginations. More often than not, children do not have the right words in mind to express what they are feeling or imagining and this lack of expression can reduce their self-confidence.

Mentioned below are some strategies that can be used to encourage storytelling by the medium of art for children.

1. Start by selecting a painting. Start by selecting the work of a Story telling paintings Artist New Zealand that has some story attached to it. When selecting the painting, consider the age of the child. It also helps to select an artwork that the child might be able to relate to in some manner.

2. Observing the artwork. Encourage the child to closely observe the painting. They must be able to find specific details in the painting which highlight its significance. Do not judge the child’s capability and let them take the lead while you can answer all their questions.

3. Take a plunge into the painting. Now, you must ask the children to imagine themselves as a part of the painting and see what story they develop around themselves. This will encourage their creativity and imagination. You must ask questions such as, “How is the character feeling?”, “ What events must have taken place?”, and more.

4. Walk in the shoes of the artist. Once the child steps into the picture, you must encourage them to imagine a world beyond what is visible in the painting. You can ask them to think like a storytelling paintings artist. Based on what they imagine, you can discuss the various scenarios with them to further stretch their imagination and also interpret the painting in an altogether different manner. This advances their storytelling skills by keenly observing the painting and then expressing their imagination.

5. Come up with new places and characters. Storytelling through artwork can also be encouraged by asking the children to create new characters and places in their mind around what they see in the picture. This basically acts as a stepping stone to teaching the kids to make storytelling paintings on their own.

It is proven that paintings play a significant role in nurturing the imagination of children. By using the work of storytelling paintings artist as a base, children can be taught to appreciate storytelling and use it to their own advantage.

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