Essential Factors to Consider While Looking for Minicab Insurance

Compare Minicab Insurance Quotes

The smart private hire vehicle drivers will compare a lot of minibus insurance quotes from a wide range of PHV insurers before choosing the insurance company. This may help them get the best insurance policy at the best possible prices.

Essential Factors to Consider While Looking for Minicab Insurance

Other Things You Need to Do Getting Cheap Minicab Insurance

There are many other ways minicab drivers can do to increase the likelihood else of comparing quotes from a range of different taxi insurers to find a cheap minicab insurance quote.

Here are 4 things you avoid doing in order to find a cheap insurance policy for minicab;

Don’t Automatically Renew Your Policy:

Renewal quotes are usually less competitive compared to the quotes offered by a new insurance provider. So, it is better not to allow your existing Minicab Insurance policy to automatically renew. Instead, you should compare a range of quotes for PHV insurance each and every year and choose the provider that offers the best policy at the cheapest price.

Don’t Park Your Minicab on A Busy Street:

Whether you are a driver driving in London or you drive your taxi in a small town or village, always park your minicab at the side of the road when you are off the duty. It could possibly lessen the risk of the vehicle being involved in an accident or targeted by thieves. Parking your minicab in a busy street increases the risk of the vehicle being involved in an accident or targeted by thieves. So, if you have the option to park your vehicle off the street your insurer could offer you a cheaper quote as you are at less risk.

Don’t opt for Monthly Insurance Payments:

It may seem easy for you to pay your insurance premium on a monthly basis, however, it can be bit expensive. By opting to pay for your full policy upfront each year could save a bit of money on your premium.

Don’t Opt for An Imported Car or Another High-End Motor:

Imported cars are often costly to insure, similar to other high-end motors. If you are looking for cheaper private hire insurance, then you must opt for a cheap reliable minicab instead could help reduce your costs.

Cost to Insure the Minicab:

The insurance premium will be based on few things i.e. the type of minicab you own, age of the vehicle, spare parts, how long you’ve held your licence, whether or not you have points on your licence, where you live and work, or if you have No Claims Bonus.

As there are a lot of variables impacting the cost of insuring your minicab, you can get the best price deal for your own particular vehicle is by comparing a range of insurance quotes.

Age of The Driver:

The age of the driver does matter while buying an insurance quote for your minicab. There are two minimums actually - one set by the local authority’s taxi licensing division while the other set by minicab insurers.

Usually, taxi licensing agencies to have a lower age limit of 21, while may minicab insurers are little strict specifying that drivers must be at least 25 years of age to take out a private hire vehicle insurance policy with them.

Only there are two taxi insurers that allow younger drivers to ensure their vehicle. Therefore, it could be worth requesting insurance quotes even if you are under the age of 25.

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