How to Remove Paint from Carpet

We know how difficult it can be to prevent stray spatters of wet paint from falling on carpets when painting your home. Even trained and expert painters may not be able to keep your rugs completely safe from paint accidents.

We recommend hiring our [company name] professional carpet cleaning services as soon as you find yourself troubled with dried paint on your carpet. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians have more than 20 years of experience in removing all kinds of spills, including paint stains from carpet with ease.

Nevertheless, if you somehow feel like taking a risk and relying on your own cleaning skills, you can try the following method to remove paint from your carpet.

How to Remove Paint from Carpet

How to Remove Paint Stains from Carpet

It is much easier to clean wet paint than dry paint. The key in dealing with such stains is to act as soon as you can. Use a clean piece of white cloth to blot the stain and absorb as much paint as possible. Be careful not to spread it further or the situation can turn out for the worse. Dab the stain very lightly and avoid rubbing or scrubbing it at all cost.

Then pour a mixture of warm water and detergent on the stain. Blot the solution with a clean cloth and repeat this step again and again until no residue paint is left. Keep in mind that pressing or scrubbing too hard will only force the liquid paint deeper. Therefore, you must be patient, calm, and gentle in cleaning it.

Dried paint is much harder to remove without professional help. You can get temporary results by applying the same method as we mentioned above for wet paint, but over time you will notice discolouration.

In order to deal with dry stains, you need a blunt knife or blade to scrape off excess paint. This step must be done with extreme care, as it can result in fraying and tearing of carpet fabric.

If neither blotting nor scraping is able to remove paint completely, you can try nail polish remover or paint stripper, though we highly recommend hiring our Carpet Cleaning Ipswich to avoid any additional cost of repair. It is a much safer solution for both you and your carpet. Commercial nail polish removers often contain harmful chemicals not meant to be used for cleaning carpets.

You can also try commercial carpet cleaning chemicals to get rid of stains. However, test them on a small, hidden part of carpet to check for side effects on fabric.

How to Remove Paint from Carpet

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If these tips failed to get rid of your paint stain, it is best to call Professional Carpet Cleaning Perth. Our expert carpet technicians are experienced in dealing with tough paint stains and have specialized equipment and techniques for removing spots without damaging the carpet.

Carpets require professional cleaning every 6 to 8 months, irrespective of whether you have a stain or not. It is vital in order to reduce and prevent infestation of mould, mildew, bacteria, dirt accumulation, and indoor air contaminants. In short, professional cleaning is worth the cost. To schedule an appointment and get a free quote of our carpet paint cleaning services.

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