How to Get Rid Of Grease Stains From A Carpet?

Grease stains are not so common but accidents can happen any time. It is advisable that you act on a grease stain on the carpet as soon as possible. Grease stains can be the nastiest stain on the carpet and can lead to severe damage and deterioration. Grease stain will attract a lot of dirt and dust and with time this will result in black and dark spots on the carpet which will be permanent. It is advisable that you hire professional carpet cleaning services for carpet grease stain removal in case of old of stubborn grease stains. For simple and mild grease stains you can follow this blog for carpet stain removal. All you need is simple soap or detergent and cornstarch powder to start with carpet grease stain removal. Follow the steps given below and get rid of grease stains on the carpet in no time.

Materials you will be Needing :

  • Spare Clothes or paper towels
  • soap or detergent
  • CornStarch or Baby powder
  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Water

Steps for carpet grease stain removal are :

Step 1:

For dried grease stains, you need to add some amount of glycerine to freshen the stain and add some liquidity to it, so as to make it easy for Carpet Cleaning Blacktown.

Step 2:

Now use two plain clothes and dab the stain to absorb extra grease and glycerine. Make sure you don't press the stain too hard or else the liquid glycerine will spread and worsen the stain.

Step 3:

Since you have removed extra glycerine, you should start carpet grease stain removal. Start by pouring some amount of cornstarch powder over the grease stain and make sure you cover the stain with it completely. Leave the cornstarch powder on the stain for a while and let it absorb all the grease and oil from the stain.

Step 4:

Take a brush and brush off extra powder from the grease stain. Rinse a cloth in detergent water solution and rub the stain with this cloth repeatedly.

Step 5:

Repeat the above process again for persistent or large grease stains and don't use an excess of water or it will result in water damage.

Step 6:

Now rinse a cloth in plain water and clean the stained patch of the carpet with this cloth. Clean all the detergent, cornstarch powder and grease left on the stain and make sure no sign of staining material is left.

Step 7:

for drying, take two towels and put them above and below the stained wet patch fo the carpet and press them to absorb all the fluid. Repeat this process till all the excess of water has come out. Dry the carpet naturally to complete carpet grease stain removal.

How to Get Rid Of Grease Stains From A Carpet?

Professional Assistance

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