LightSwitch is a new development tool for building businessapplications. LightSwitch simplifies the development process, letting usconcentrate on the business logic and doing much of the remaining work for us. Anapplication can be designed, built, tested, and can be deployed to users byusing LightSwitch

Generally we write code to interact with database, we writecode for the user interface and we write code for the business logic.

Here is the advantage of LightSwitch because most of thework is already done by using LightSwitch. Even sometimes no need to write asingle line of code.  LightSwitch is veryhelpful to creating both browser and desktop based application and when we needto convert browser to desktop then we can do it by single setting and can redeployit.

Users expect certain features in their businessapplications, such as search capabilities, the ability to sort and rearrangegrids, and the ability to export data. With every LightSwitch application thosefeatures and more are already built in, we do not have to write any code forthat.

In security point of view LightSwitch providesauthentication and authorization features that let you define users and roles.This prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Download > Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 1 Training Kit
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