DOJO JavaScript Framework

In this blog, I’m explaining the dojo javascript framework.


Dojo is an Open Source JavaScript framework toolkit. It provides modularity in code via dojo classes. Dojo gives desktop as well as mobile support and also provides rich UI by using Dijit widget. Dojo gives uniform access to browser APIs.

It helps in Scripting and event management. It provides abstraction layer to the programmer to develop powerful features very easily. Dojo base size is very small (26 KB) which take less bandwidth and less initial load time (based on required feature).

Download DOJO

Download the Latest released version of Dojo Toolkit from

As a framework, Dojo has three main components:-

·    The Dojo core provides core functionality such as ability to make remote method calls, manipulate DOM node, and manipulate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The Dojo core also supports animation features and drag-and-drop functionality.

·     Dijit is Dojo's widget library, built on top of the Dojo core. Dijit provides template-based, accessible widgets, not only for simple form control but also advanced widgets such as calendar control, menus, toolbars, progress bars, charts, and graphs.

·   DojoX is a container for developing extensions to the Dojo toolkit. It acts as an incubator for new ideas and a tested for experimental additions to the main toolkit, as well as a repository for more stable and mature extensions.

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