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Top Business Philosophies by Successful Entrepreneurs: Richart Ruddie, Radu Balas, Roberto Hroval...

Abraham khan1076 25-Jun-2019

Education is essential for as we know it but is that all to establish a successful business empire? Can your books teach you everything about being a successful entrepreneur? Can your teacher offer you the ultimate success potion after drinking which you will have Midas touch in Business Empire?

The common reply for all this question is - no. No one can be a successful entrepreneur just because they read some books. Innovation is the key to all. An entrepreneur sees possibilities, solutions, and innovations where an average person sees problems and annoyances.

Entrepreneurship does not define business but it also describes an artist, innovator, tech-savvy, an inventor and a business person. It is the complete package.

That is why we are going to talk about some business philosophies followed by successful entrepreneurs which leads them to the path of success and offer the world better equipment, innovations and solutions than yesterday.

Richart Ruddie: I dedicated myself to ensuring my clients are successful

This business philosophy followed by Richart Ruddie, the founder of Profile Defender (an online reputation Management service), is one of my favorites. The foundation of any successful business empire is as strong as a customer’s trust in the products and services it provides.

The customer is the main focal point where all the concentrations should be focused. Everything is a business starts with customers and also ends with them. An entrepreneur should focus on his client’s success instead of their own because the success of your company lies within the success of your clients.

Radu Balas: Think big, start small

Always keep your goals high. Being ambitious is absolutely important. Remember the sky has no limit you can think whatever you want to, but there is a difference between daydreaming and making higher goals.

Radu Balas is a confounder of ICO battle, an online company which deals with ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which is cryptocurrency space’s rough equivalent to an IPO in mainstream investment.

If you want to go big you need to start from scratch. You need to make plans. You should break your vision in different mini goal plans, make proper planning for conquering these dwarf goal.

These baby steps will be the foundation of your much larger empire one day. One step at a time that is how you will touch the moon. Remember there is nothing like overnight success, you won’t fly just in one day. So, take your time.

Roberto Hroval: Make the final product so perfect that there is no need to spend extra money, machinery, or manpower to improve it

This simple yet powerful philosophy is followed by Roberto Hroval; an inventor, researcher and Chairman of PatentReal Corporation (Hong Kong). He is one of those men who is being compared with the greatest minds and inventors of all time, like with Nikola Tesla and with Leonardo Da Vinci.

Roberto Hroval is still proud of the first product he made when he was around fifteen years old. It was state of art hi-fi amplifier. Even after thirty years, some of his first customers still have the device and they refuse to change it for any other.

Do not compromise the quality of your product based on its cost. Even if it is a bit expensive, it will be sold like hot cakes if it offers top-notch quality.

Hroval is currently working of Product Reincarnation Technology™, an ahead of time waste-to-energy technology that converts used, worn out and degraded products into fuel or electricity or even new original products through molecule degradation.

Roberto Hroval is also known for his innovative ideas such as UFO shaped flying car, Biomass Ultima technology, public destress chamber Aslcepius8 etc.

Paige Nejame: We deliver what we promise

Customer satisfaction plays the most crucial part of the rise and fall of any business empire. If your final product will not be as same as you have claimed it would be, it will lead to customer’s dissatisfaction and ultimately declination of your sales.

Paige Nejame is the owner of CertaPro. CertaPro is the largest residential and commercial painting company in North America.

This is a very simple yet effective business philosophy which must be followed by every entrepreneur and who wants to be one.

Customers are ready to spend money on your product and it is your duty to provide them a value of their money. Always deliver what you promise you would.

Updated 25-Jun-2019

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