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Ways Big Data is Changing The business

Ways Big Data is Changing The business

Aileen Scott 1263 11-Jun-2019

In this world of competition, every company wants to achieve success. The question is- how are companies stepping up the ladder of success? In a time, where everything is going digital, all you need is- a good idea. According to a report by Gartner, one-half of all CEO’s expect their industries to be substantially or unrecognizably transformed by digital transformation. It’s a revolution and all we can do is- disrupt or get disrupted. Big companies are turning ideas into value. Take examples of Uber and Airbnb. They have taken over the world with the use of data- big data. Big data is helping businesses to grow with the help of a large amount of data. 

What is Big Data?

Big data is defined as the high volume, high velocity, and high variety of data that needs to be structured in order to get meaningful information. This meaningful, structured data is further processed to make enhanced decisions. In order to create innovation, structured data is used for great discoveries.

Uses of Big Data in various industries

Communication, Media and Entertainment

Big data plays a crucial role in collecting, analyzing, and utilizing customer insights, leveraging social media content and understanding patterns of real-time. That's the power of big data. Let’s take two big examples of the entertainment industry- Spotify and Amazon Prime. Spotify makes use of Hadoop Big Data analytics to collect data from the users that are in millions and then uses this data to give informed music. On the other hand, Amazon Prime provides a great experience by offering videos, music, and Kindle books.


The healthcare sector has turned to a big data industry wherein a huge amount of data related to patient health care and well-being. Big data helps to store data in a systematic format. This further helps the doctors to make informed decisions as they have a wide range of data. With the help of big data, big chunks of data can be stored orderly. As the data grows by time, new systems will be added to process it. The power of big data is unfathomable.


Big data holds the potentiality to improve the results of students in the education sector. This big data industry is experiencing a transformation as technology is getting evolved. It helps the teachers to better understand human behavior and form conclusions. This helps them understand the latest trends in education. Also, big data helps to monitor and evaluate student performance to improve the outcome. This helps the students to grow by further advancing their career.


Manufacturing contributes to the economy and Big data plays an important role in this process. The main role of big data is to help achieve productivity and efficiency gains and uncovering new insights to give rise to innovation. Big data analytics help manufacturers to improve processes, increase supply chain efficiency and identify variables that affect production- with the help of information and identification of patterns. There can be found a large amount of data in this sector. This data when utilized properly can improve the quality of products, energy efficiency, reliability, and better profit margins.

Big data has the potential to revolutionize the industries in the coming years. It is going to disrupt every sector and all we can do is, make ourselves ready to embrace this powerful disruption. In order to apply big data in your industry because of the tremendous benefits it holds, you also need to acquaint yourself with the industry challenges, enhance that characteristic of data of each industry, understand the expenditures and match markets needs with the capabilities. Big data is the future and it’s good to invest in this technology to reap the maximum number of benefits and profits.

It is also the right time to start your career as a Hadoop data scientist with the help of certifications. Hadoop data scientists are the best paid in the industry as this is the most sought-after position in the world where big data is giving rise to new developments. Getting a certificate is always a good idea as it enhances your skills and showcases your commitment to the chosen field. It makes you recognizable by providing you credibility that makes you the most demanding in the world of competition. Stay ahead of the competition.

Updated 09-Nov-2022
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