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Fleet Management Issues and How IoT Solves Them

Akash Soni 572 11-Jun-2019

Just how one cannot keep honey bees away from flowers, similarly, challenges always surround fleet managers. Forever stuck in the clutches of difficult situations and impossible seeming tangents is a part of being a fleet manager. But, with emerging technology and its implementation, several such challenges are now solvable. Internet of Things (IoT) in particular drills down to the root causes and brings into focus, effective solutions. Read on to know more about the many fleet transportation challenges and learn their solutions with IoT implementation.

Fleet Management Issues and How IoT Solves Them

Problem 1: Schedule maintenance and missed deadlines

It is crucial for fleets to operate by the designed schedule. Fleet managers are often judged by how successfully they stick to the schedule. Their credibility and reliability are inherently linked. Are you a fleet manager? Is your schedule getting away from you? Read on!

The Solution: If your drivers are not reaching their destination on time, then you need to invest in IoT driven solutions. GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions helps fleet managers to track the exact location of their fleet along with choosing the route that will be the easiest for the drivers to reach their destinations on time.

Problem 2: Choosing the wrong routes wipes out time and money

Taking routes that are traffic free is a surprise boon for the fleet drivers and managers. Without real time vehicle tracking it gets difficult to trace the routes that the drivers are taking. Managers need to take responsibility for a traffic and hassle-free route to improve the driver’s journey. The owners must trace the problem areas and patterns that can emerge with the kind of data fleet tracking systems can provide.

The Solution: With IoT driven ‘Last Mile Transportation’, it is now possible for the fleet managers to trace out routes that are the easiest to travel on. With real time information, drivers to get to be updated on which routes are to be taken and which are to be avoided.

Problem 3: The many unscheduled breaks of Drivers leads to breaking schedules

Perfectly reasonable breaks will never put adverse effects on the delivery schedule. Afterall, all fleet managers keep a buffer of breaks while deciding their deadlines and targets. But how many breaks are too many? Unprofessional drivers will eventually be the key reason for the organization’s downfall. Unscheduled or long breaks can throw their timings out. 0But it is very challenging to determine their negative impact. So, how does one prevent this?

The Solution: With the help of an IoT driven tracker, real time and actual data could be derived. ‘Vehicle Tracking and Route Management’ is an IoT driven solution with which a manager/owner can get to know about the unnecessary breaks which are taken by the drivers. Another parameter of this solution is ‘Driver Activity Monitoring’. So, before accusing any driver of any fault or unprofessionalism, the managers/owners can simply browse through the digital Driver Journal in the above mention solution. This helps one differentiate between the drivers who are taking perfectly reasonable breaks due to facing other challenges from being scrutinized. Additionally, these justified issues can be addressed which are causing the delay in meeting the deadlines. Tracing all the exact reasons will help to formulate smarter strategies to beat the market competition.

Problem 4: Who is the better driver? How Do I tell?

Differentiating between a professional and time conscious driver and a rash, speed freak driver is not easy when they are away on a trip. So how does one tell who is alert and who is cruising through speed limits? How does one know which driver is responsible and which ignores deadlines and rules? Who drives with a positive and determined attitude for task completion every single time?

The Solution: IoT has developed a monitoring solution that allows one to detect drivers who are not performing according the expected standards. ‘Driver Activity Monitoring’ helps in accurate assessment of drivers. This could further be expressed in the form of driver reward for the most professional drivers. Additionally, tracing the areas that require extra training to bring the best out of the driver could also be identified.

Problem 5: Your fleet faces unsustainable wear and tear

Several factors contribute to the wear and tear of the vehicles used as your fleet. Often it is the drivers who are not given an adequate time window to complete their journeys. This makes them rash and they speed up their vehicles. This puts excessive stress on the vehicle due to heavy acceleration, sudden and aggressive breaks etc.

The Solution: ‘Vehicle Tracking and Route Management’ helps to accurately determine the cause of excessive wear and tear. Based on the cause strategies and investments, results can be summarized according to data.

Problem 6: The unending task of report submission is never ending

As a fleet manager, one cannot let go of the tiresome responsibility of paperwork completion. It is crucial to make sure that the customers are informed, the associated drivers passionate about the work and the vehicle status is optimum. It is a fact that fleet managers end up sweating bullets due to missed deadlines and due to this underperform their duties. All this happens because they are accountable for perfect paper world and report making. The data in the reports has to be error free and one fatal mistake can cause them to lose out on their job! How does one solve this mountain of paperwork?

The Solution: With every IoT solution there comes a dashboard. It is the powerhouse of data. It collects crucial information from the IoT tracking systems. Through accurate reports and compact statistics, it delivers the data for the formulation of business strategies. This gives space and time to the managers to ensure proper fleet management. With the help of IoT based solutions, one can reduce their paperwork and increase could be noticed in no time.

Problem 7: Vehicle theft haunts many.

An additional responsibility of the fleet manager is ensuring the safety of vehicles. Whether it has reached the destination or not, if it is in good condition or not. Such questions often rattle their mind.

The Solution: Recovering stolen vehicles, knowing the real time location of your vehicle and fleet tracking is now easy with ‘Vehicle Tracking and Route Management’. The sensors are attached to the vehicle and offer an ease of mind and recovery assurance.

As mentioned in this blog, IoT has a solution for every situation. Fleet and transportation industry are sure to benefit from the same. IoT solutions are truly promising and uplift the profit graph of the business. So, what are you waiting for? Implement IoT today!

Updated 11-Jun-2019
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