When to Turn Down a Lucrative Opportunity

Did it ever happen to you that an amazing opportunity knocked your door? The opportunity was so amazing that nothing seemed to be more lucrative than that but something deep down your mind was questioning that. Although the opportunity doesn't have any flaw but your personal biases may demand you to pay more attention to your final decision. In this article let us find out when and based on what scenario should we turn down a lucrative opportunity.

  • When it doesn't lie into your area of interest

The opportunity may be really amazing and one of the bests in the Information Technology sector, but your passion actually lies in writing. Essay writing has always been your forte and something that you have always wanted to pursue professionally. So even if you may get an opportunity pertaining to an area that doesn't form your passion, you can turn it down because until you're happy doing something you won't be able to do justice to that opportunity.

  • When your gut feeling doesn't allow you to go further

It may happen to you that an opportunity seems too lucrative to you to be rejected but when you do not feel a good vibe with respect to that, always give it a second thought. A wise person once said, " Never underestimate the power of your inner feeling. If something doesn't feel right, it apparently isn't right." Your heart knows what's right for you and what's not. Even if your mind falls trap to a certain situation, your heart very well guides your conscious. And this is the reason you face that dilemma.

  • If in case you are quite sure of a better opportunity to knock your doorsteps

There may be a scenario when you apparently are expecting a better opportunity for yourself, turning down that lucrative opportunity can be a risk worth taking. As I used the word "risk", it clearly states the probability of something to happen. Nothing is quite definite. But this is how life actually is, nothing comes definite and one needs to trade off somewhere or the other. But a calculated risk is something that can be taken. For instance, in your professional space if you are expecting your promotion to take place in the next quarter with a hike serving your expectations, it can be okay to turn down that lucrative opportunity of switching your organisation. Although this can be quite a subjective decision. But on a personal note, if I would have been in the same situation, for me the former approach would have been preferable. For you, the latter may work. It completely depends on a person’s perspective.

Hope this article helps. Good luck!

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