How to Get a Job in the UAE? With the Help of a Recruitment Agency!

The UAE is of particular interest to foreign investors and professionals who wish to continue their careers abroad. Due to the special tax regime (zero taxes for individuals and legal entities), the constant growth of the local market, and, accordingly, an increase in the number of vacancies, due to the high level of security and stability of the UAE, this country of possibilities is very promising for foreigners.

Work in the UAE is an opportunity to get a decent wage, to live in comfortable conditions and fully realize own potential. In the UAE, they not used to hire people unofficially. A large number of recruiting agencies work in the local market so that a foreigner who is not familiar with the local characteristics can live and work comfortably here. They not only help to find a job in Dubai, a job in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates, but offer professional assistance in preparing documents, interview, advise on local labor laws and provide other services.

Recruitment agencies in the UAE

A personal search for job vacancies in the UAE in areas such as tourism, trade, real estate market, hotel, and the entertainment industry can be carried out at specialized job sites in the UAE, for example, such as Jobpro, Bayt, DubaiClassified, DubaiSeeker.

Hotels, restaurants, cafes, travel agencies and sales departments – all of these organizations are constantly looking for new employees, so a willing applicant can always count on working in the UAE. One of the key advantages of these organizations is reliability – under no circumstances you will not fall for fraudsters; that is, you pay for a guaranteed result – employment in the UAE.

The list of service agencies in the UAE

Thanks to the assistance of recruitment agencies, you can take a vacant position in one of the companies in the UAE. The agency staff will help you find a desired job, assist in preparing for the interview, provide full consulting support and make the an employment registration process simple, expeditious, safe.

Here is a list of the typical services of these consulting companies:

Search for vacancies with working conditions that meet the stated requirements – there is no need to waste time searching online jobs in the UAE;

A correctly written CV with a good representation of professional qualifications;

Paperwork – they provide solutions to all issues with documents, which allows avoiding inaccuracies, errors when filling out forms that delay the employment process;

Informational support in matters of labor legislation, the terms of the proposed contract;

Assistance in preparing for an interview – online interview is an important step before being accepted for the position; correct interaction with the manager of a foreign company guarantees a positive response;

Consultation after registration to the position in any matters.

As a rule, a client is offered several job options to choose the best offer, but in any case, the result is guaranteed – you will receive new jobs in the UAE.

Among other services that recruitment agencies offer are the following:

Registration of a work visa, renewal after 3 years if necessary;

Full medical insurance;

Free accommodation with meals, payment of air tickets (in some cases);

Possibility of advanced training at training, seminars, workshops;

Unhindered career growth.

Companies hiring foreign workers provide specialists with a full social package. Due to the legislative consolidation of the conditions of the contract, the possibility of deception is excluded.

At the end of the contract period, an employer provides recommendations, certificates confirming the professional level of the employee, which will allow, if necessary, to quickly find a new job.

 Employment in the UAE has several advantages:

Legal activities;

Decent salary level;

Comfortable working conditions;

Reliable, interested in the professional growth of employees, companies;

Opportunity to gain useful experience, to acquire new knowledge, to improve language skills.

A job in a foreign country will provide not only an increase in the level of qualification. People who work outside their home country can travel, broaden their horizons, improve their communication skills, which provides additional advantages over other applicants in the future.

The dynamic development of the UAE contributes to the wide demand for foreign personnel in various industries. In this case, the requirements for applicants are quite democratic. This is a fluent English and professional experience. If you meet the specified criteria, the job search in the UAE will be quick and easy. So do not miss your chance – get you new job in one of the most perspective countries of the world.

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