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Will Artificial Intelligence be the Future of HR?

Niti Sharma 1772 03-Jun-2019

2020 will be a year when the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be here, predicts the World Economic Forum. It is said that many job roles will turn obsolete due to the advent of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation. The skill set required for today’s job roles will be transformed due to the changes in technology. 65% of today’s children entering the primary school might end up with jobs that do not even exist yet.

Will Artificial Intelligence be the Future of HR?

As HR enters an entirely new era of the future of work, their aim is focused on contemplating what the current workforce requires of them. They need to think how the current technology will reinvent the role of human resource professional and how it will future proof the current workforce to drive change. But is this the new HR? Will usage of artificial intelligence make the human resources less human?

This may seem positive for HR professionals and as a matter of fact, AI is basically used so that the recruitment process could be streamlined. Artificial intelligence helps conducting brief candidate research and it also allows the chatbot technology to decipher the top most questions needed to ask the employees. However, beyond even recruitment, AI could also help highlight performance issues, make changes in employee sentiment, or make a recommendation on termination of an employment and so on.

All these may sound cool and happening, but as an industry that heavily relies on human workforce, could AI really be of help as it promises to be?
As the HR field now completely depends on artificial intelligence to perform their tasks, developing a workforce with AI competency is a challenging task.
The good news is, the future of HR is already in dependency of artificial intelligence. As we’re halfway through 2019, let us have a glance at how AI and human intelligence have transformed the current workforce.

•    Enhancement of Candidate Experience
Companies that had their first pilot on AI fall majorly in talent acquisition, since this is the place where organizations find measurable and significant results increasing the productivity rate for recruiters. Besides this, an enhanced candidate experience that is simple, seamless, and intuitive.

•    AI is here, not to eliminate jobs but to create jobs
According to Gartner, artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it destroys. 2019 is a year where focus will be stressed on workers to perform better at their jobs. Artificial intelligence will be used to screen candidates to help increase hiring speed by 85%

•    Creation of Newer job roles
AI to create newer job roles in the market. Job roles such as Chief Ethical and Humane Use Officer, Head of Business Behavior, and A.I. Trainer etc.
With a workforce era that revolves around artificial intelligence world, it is important for human resource professionals to stay updated with the technologies that is required by this company. The new roles in human resources will stress upon strategy building to use this technology in and ethical manner.

However, AI is not going to banish the human resources, although there are professionals who made bets that artificial intelligence is going to transform the entire human resources. It is unlikely to happen. Therefore, for professionals looking to enhance their skills and get into the HR field, it is the right time to upskill. Further on, it is important for professionals to keep an eye on the latest trend and AI development. Doing so will help you focus more on developing a career in the most trending technology.

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