7 Best WordPress Plugins For Tracking Website Visitors Behavior

7 Best WordPress Plugins For Tracking Website Visitors Behavior

Whether you are converting HTML to WordPress or acquiring a new interface, you need to analyze your traffic. In this article, we are presenting the best WordPress plugins for tracking website visitors behavior. These tools help in getting valuable insight into how people are using a website. Tracking activities like time spent on a page or clicked links can be helpful in organizing a page’s layout. Similarly, analyzing the visitors’ demographics will be helpful in knowing whether the audience is being targeted successfully or not. Instead of taking risks by guessing your next step, you can make informed decisions based on accurate data. Let’s take a look at the plugins which WordPress users can install to analyze their traffic.

1. MonsterInsights

One of the most popular tools that can help leverage the power of Google Analytics for your website is MonsterInsights. You do not need to generate and add any tracking code to connect with the analytics suite. Simply install the plugin, enable necessary features and view all the reports you need. The plugin can be used to analyze online shoppers of WooCommerce, MemberPress or Easy Digital Downloads stores. Bloggers can find out which of their posts are most popular with visitors. The solution also lets you know the number of times a file was downloaded by users. MonsterInsights lets you check your interface’s performance easily from your dashboard.

2. Hotjar 

Hotjar is an effective tool that lets people visually understand their audience’s behavior. This product generates heatmaps to explain how visitors are using an interface. The sections of a page receiving the most visits will be highlighted in red. There is the move heatmap which shows how people move between different page sections. The scroll heatmap shows how people scroll up and down a page. You also have the option of split a map based on device type. You can also enable the recording feature to exactly see how real visitors move across the interface. The tool can also be used to study your conversion funnel to know the point at which visitors leave y6our website.

3. Crazy Egg

Another hugely popular product that can help website owners improve their interfaces is Crazy Egg. Just like Hotjar, you get heatmaps, scroll maps, and individual session recordings to visualize your audience's behavior. It also comes with an effective A/B testing tool. You can create multiple versions of a page or campaign and see which one performs better. The product provides various editing tools that can be used to modify colors, fonts, and other elements. The solution integrates seamlessly with WordPress and you can add your team members to help you out in the analyses. Crazy Egg is one of the best WordPress plugins for tracking website visitors. 

4. Nelio AB Testing

Nelio AB Testing is an innovative tool that will help you make informed decisions about website improvement. This service allows you to A/B test posts, pages, custom types, products, themes, widgets, menus, heatmaps, and more. You can define and manage your tests and view results in the form of heatmaps. The service offers three paid subscription plans aimed at different types of website owners. You can create and run as many tests as you like simultaneously on your interface. You can set multiple goals to track like page visits, external link clicking, form submissions, and product purchases.

5. ExactMetrics 

Another product that can help you fully explore the potential of Google Analytics for your website is ExactMetrics. The vast amount of data generated by Google’s powerful tool can be difficult to understand for beginners. Such users can install ExactMetrics and access simple-to-read reports in their admin dashboard. The tool generates user statistics in real time and provides detailed demographics reports. Users can add custom dimensions to track the aspect of visitors’ behavior they are interested in. 

6. WP Statistics

WP Statistics is an open source plugin with a simple installation procedure. It has an intuitive, user-friendly interface which helps owners in easily monitoring their traffic. All the reports represented graphically so that users can easily see changes over a period of time. The solution helps track redirects to an interface from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing, etc. Subscribers are allowed to set up e-mail delivery of reports to get them in their inbox.  

7. Jetpack

Jetpack, that popular suite of tools that all experienced WordPress users know about, can also help in analyzing visitors. In fact, website analytics is a default feature of the tool and you do not need to turn it on. You can receive updates on traffic, searches, comments on posts, and much more in real time. The tool will let you know the most popular times in a day when your interface receives maximum traffic. You can also measure the visits for individual posts and pages.


You can install any of these best WordPress plugins for tracking website visitors on your interface. Choose a solution according to your requirements and then learn more about your audiences and modify your website according to their preferences. 

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