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Is IoT the New Game Changer for the Mining Industry?

Akash Soni543 28-May-2019

The industries across the world are coming as one to uplift the global society. This serves a better lifestyle to the human race! With the ever-increasing population, the industries are working extra hours to maintain the flow of the basic human requirements. In all these, the Mining Industry gets the maximum challenges. Why? Well, a research shows that a person requires around 4 million pounds of metals, minerals and fuel in his/her lifetime! This simple data shows how much the Mining Industry is required to remain active in order to deliver all that is needed to fulfill the everyday requirements of the world’s population.

In all these, what is standing out is the immense potential of the Internet of Things. Yes! The entire current day mining process is guided with the effective intelligence of the IoT. According to the IoT experts, one prominent thing that cannot be ruled out is that the next generation requires IoT intelligence to execute all the brilliant ideas designed to make the world function better. Why? This is because the sensors associated with the IoT have superior quality and performance than what technology did to the Mining Industry few years back. After all, generating a huge amount of raw data that has been minutely analyzed to fit perfectly into the jigsaw of the current requirements of the Mining Industry is complicated. To uncomplicate data keeping in the Mining Industry, the IoT has managed to pull out unique solutions that drive productivity and transfer the industry to a new dimension of success.

The Mining Industry witnesses’ intense phases of change and hence it is compulsory for it to stay abreast with every scope and opportunity to innovate itself in a better way. According to the recent studies, there are several ways through which IoT has been helping the Mining Industry. Let us explore how:

It provides real time data and analytics

The pit controllers, drilling/blasting teams, geologists and supervisors manage to get immense support through the IoT solutions. It utilizes visualization tools for providing 3D displays of mine and other related data. It is crucial for mining vehicles to have built in sensors. Through these superior quality sensors, measuring oil temperature, tire pressure, vibration, contamination, frame rack, engine speed, brake pressure and more becomes easier. As this industry is required to maintain a punctual and influential schedule, these data keeps the mining team alert so that it can sail through any potential trouble within a short span of time.

Promotes superior quality maintenance

Be it temperature pressure, intensity of vibration, maintenance history or external weather conditions, IoT helps the mining industry in predicting the approximate time by which the industry is required to replace the existing machine with a new one. IoT in mining works more on predictive maintenance which helps the industry to plan their budget better. Getting to know about the wear and tear of the equipment helps the business to diminish the frequency of sudden cash outflows.

Guarantees safety

Safety is crucial in any industry. With IoT driven solutions, that are a blend of prediction and precaution for employee safety, the Mining Industry has reached a level where it smoothly assures safety to the employees with utmost confidence. How? Well, IoT has summed up mine automation system and automated physical elements that contributed in the successful creation of the multi-dimensional model from different data sources including the sensors on the equipment along with some location related data. The IoT based sensors derive real time data that contributes in identifying the equipment that may cause a danger in the near future. Better adjustments of machines that are safe for the employees to use and for frequently produce the required items to meet the demand, are all taken care of the smart IoT analytics. With integrated monitoring in every aspect, safety becomes a sure thing in the Mining Industry.

Saves energy and cost

The Mining Industry is bound to consume a lot of energy. All the episodes of energy consumption are successfully carried out through the proper supply of electricity. The more the consumption, the more cost the company has to bear to meet their requirements. The IoT solutions prominently reduce the expenditure and maintenance cost. This does not end here; the IoT intelligence helps the Mining Industry to run transparent systems that generate efficient results. Superior levels of transparency reduce the costs that are spent for unclogging confusion of any types. This swiftly helps the industry in becoming advantageous within a very short span of time.

What is more in store for the Mining Industry from IoT?

There is no doubt that the mining industry works based on first hand data. This industry is data driven and hence IoT helps it to locate the areas where mining veins are present. Along with this, the eradication of the operation delays is also a prominent contribution of the IoT. No points for guessing why the mining industries are climbing the ladder of success. In the final analysis, measuring the temperature, pressure, concentration of gases and more in a way that is not only advantageous but also opens up different industrial veins of success is not a child’s play. IoT is a boon because it has smoothly managed to convert every working system in the Mining Industry, that were once traditionally guided to be a smarter performer that can flow in a parallel mode with the modern-day requirements.

No matter how strong technology has become the scope of being better still remains strong. With IoT, improving technology’s predictive and analytical capabilities will never go out of the question. IoT helps in analyzing the industrial data in minute strips so that immediate demands could be met, emergencies could be addressed properly along with a prominent survival in the market. The managerial decisions of the Mining Industry as well as the organizations that deal in mining, gets better when guided by the Internet of Things.

To zoom in a little, it is a fact that the Mining Industry faces emergencies almost every hour of the day. These emergencies have such a degree of unpredictability in them that they can rattle the entire managerial force in no time. The essence of management will never be free from decision making and hours of brainstorming. In order to balance situations where several aspects will be active at the same time, especially in an emergency, IoT helps the Mining Industry to shift from everyday operations to algorithms.

The world can expect to witness prominent developments for the Mining Industry for being more sustainable. There are some unfavorable impact of mining on the communities, ecosystems and surroundings as well. With the intention to minimize them, the power of data is being harnessed through the different IoT statements. Overall, IoT helps the Mining Industry to shift towards resource extraction, keeping in mind a particular time frame and footprint that is essential.


Thus, the Internet of Things is seen to transform the Mining Industry exponentially with every passing day, in fact with every passing hour! Be it the level of productivity that encompasses safety in all aspects for the employees along with the environment and sustainability, all could be achieved through IoT—the one stop solution. Reaching new dimensions of efficiency through project-oriented innovations is no more a dream hanging in the far lands for the Mining Industry. It is plain laudable how well the power of the Mining Industry has been channelized by the intellectual strategy of IoT. With the flow of time, this industry as well as the related startups can expect several IoT opportunities to hold on to stronger roots in the cut throat competition associated with mining.  

Updated 28-May-2019
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