The Login Status control displays a login link for users who are not authenticated and a logout link for users who are authenticated. The login link takes the user to a login page. The logout link resets the current user's identity to be an anonymous user.

You can customize the appearance of the Login Status control by setting the Login Text and Login Image Url properties. The login link automatically redirects to the configured login page, and the logout link automatically calls the method Form Authentication. Sign Out for logging off the user.

<asp:LoginStatus ID="LoginStatus1" runat="server" 
LoginText="Log In" 
LogoutText="Log Out" 
onloggedout="LoginStatus1_LoggedOut" />

Login Status control properties:

  • Login Text The text displayed if the user is not signed in.
  • Login Image Url A URL for an image displayed as an icon for the login link.
  • Logout Text The text displayed if the user is authenticated.
  • Logout Image Url A URL for an image displayed as an icon for the logout link.
  • Logout Action Configures the action the control performs if the user clicks the logout link that is displayed when the user is authenticated. Valid options are Refresh, Redirect, and Redirect To Login Page. The first option just refreshes the current page, the second option redirects to the page configured in the Logout Page Url , and the last option redirects to the login page.
  • Logout Page Url A page to redirect to if the user clicks the logout link and the Logout Action is set to Redirect.
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  1. Hi Sir,

    I am Facing the problem during the validation of the pages so that nobody could visit the pages if they are not logged in and I want to take the row values of the RadGrid in the other page textboxes with using some specific buttons like update, payment etc. , and those buttons should be outside of the RadGrid.

    Eg: If I click any row and select update button then the values of the row will come to the text boxes of the update page and same as for the payment. 

    So, can you help me regarding that?

    Subhanjan Ghosh
  1. 1) You can use web.config file to validate the pages by defining roles for the page. In this case the roles you define for the page, only that user roles can access your page and no anonymous user or role can visit your page.

    2)If you want to move the grid row values to other pages, then on the click of row content or control you also have to pass the row values to that page.

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