DifferentNavigation in ASP.Net

ASP.NETsupports following ways to navigate between pages in your application.

  • HyperlinkControl
  • Response.RedirectMethod
  • Server.TransferMethod
  • Server.ExecuteMethod
  • Window.OpenMethod
Descriptionof Navigation method

This isserver control use for navigation to another page specified in the NavigateURLproperty. Hyperlink control doesn’t expose any server side event.


This methodis used to navigate to another page from code. You can use this method tonavigate from a Linkbutton or ImageButton control.

For example



This methodcan be used only with .aspx file. It allows retaining some information betweenthe requests when its preserveForm argument is set to true.


LikeServer.Transfer, this method is also used with .aspx file only. This methodenables new page execution while still displaying the current web form.


Display apage in a new browser window on the client.

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