How to Input for Roku TV Setup

Selecting the required input is must and important for Roku TV setup and activation. There are multiple input ports available to use with the latest device models. HDMI, Ethernet, and power are available ports on your device.  Choose the compatible port and proceed with the device setup instructions.

How to Input for Roku TV Setup

Select the required input, execute the device setup and start streaming the channels or programs that you like the most .

Select the required input for activation

  • Use your HDMI port for sliding your HDMI cable. Making use of the premium HDMI cables can always offer you better output. For the latest models, we have HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 ports. You can choose the ports based on your requirements
  • To power up your device, slide the Power cable and ensure that all the cables connections are secure
  • In case if you prefer wired network connection try to slide your Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port
  • For older TV models only composite audio video cables will be available and you can slide the audio video cables to the respective port

Start linking your streaming device

After you connect all the cables in the respective position just start the Roku account creation process and go to the page and enter the code 

Do you come across any errors selecting the required input?

  • It is sure that you will end up with errors during process and we suggest choosing the right port
  • Use compatible and good quality cables (HDMI and Ethernet cable). Read the reviews to find out the best model compatible to use with your device
  • Remove all the cables connected to your device. Wait for a while and connect it back again to the required slot
  • To avoid Roku activation error cross check the device activation steps and the validity of your Roku account
  • Performing a device restart is always good to avoid errors and you have options such as factory, soft or hard reset
  • The Internet connection that you use must be always secure and active and hence we recommend using the wireless network connection. Verify the credentials that you use to avoid the errors  

To know more about the methods you can dial the Roku support number on +1-844-370-7600

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