Stuff There’s loads of it in every household and it’s never where it is supposed to be. How long were you looking for your car keys yesterday? Whether you have a designated bowl, or hook to put your keys on at the end of the day, there’s always going to be that crucial time when you go to grab your keys and they aren’t there. It’s frustrating at the best of times.

Wouldn’t it be useful to have some tracking devices to help keep tabs on your belongings? Thanks to X Y Find It that is now a possible solution.

What is the XY4+?

A small and incredibly useful gadget to have in the home, the XY4+ works as a Bluetooth device finder. Unlike other tracking devices like GPS, the XY4+ uses Bluetooth technology to home in on specified devices and ultimately locate items that are lost or missing.

Dubbed as being the most powerful type of Bluetooth key finder on the current market for key finder devices, the XY4+ works by notifying you as the user when you move away from the item you are tracking, in many cases this is likely to be your car keys or even your house keys.

Messages come through via your paired mobile phone device and you are constantly notified on the location. It’s easy to use and suitable for any member of the family to use on a regular basis.

Benefits of the XY4+

As well as being a product of high value to an individual who’s always losing things, there are other benefits attached to the XY4+ which make it even more of an essential.

•    No hidden fees. There’s no hidden fees or monthly subscriptions hidden beneath the surface. Just purchase the product and the service is yours to use as many times as you want, or need.

•    Long life battery. The battery built in to the gadget lasts up to 5 years. No one can lose their car keys for that amount of time, surely.

•    Blend it in. The XY4+ is available in a host of different colours making it ideal to blend in to match whatever you attach it to. Be creative in attaching the gadget to sets of keys, your favourite pen or even track your family pet to see where they go.

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